Sunday, May 19, 2013

Coming June 15th, 2013. The New and Improved InsideFantasySports! However, this time it won't be simply StreakItUp Picks! See below for details!

Hey guys, I am the FantasyInsider3. StreakItUp blogging proved to not be so productive, so I'll be starting a new kind of blog. Every Monday, I will post an article about the current fantasy sport and another article about the current main sport (will be either NFL, MLB, or NBA.) I am also pleased to announce we will now provide you with Covers Streak Survivor picks WITH write-ups. Those will be posted each morning, along with another couple picks that I would suggest taking in the betting world. These picks will range from soccer to football to hockey to basketball to baseball and even to tennis! Finally, we will carry mini-games. During the MLB season, I will provide you with 2 or 3 Beat The Streak picks per day, and will provide you with Pigskin Pick Em' and Eliminator Challenge picks during the NFL season. We will also be taking applications for  Streak For The Cash and StreakItUp bloggers. These bloggers must do write-ups, and not simply just list their picks. You don't have to do write-ups for every pick, but you must do them for a decent amount of picks each day. I will be renovating this site until the date I open, so please don't be alarmed if it looks destroyed. Thanks and come again on June 15th!

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