Tuesday, April 2, 2013

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  • Yes
  • Pierre Jackson or Tie
  • Baylor (Streak Pick)- Keep in mind this matchup is being played in a neutral location at Madison Square Garden in New York City. So far this season, both teams have been pretty solid. BYU went 24-11 this season, and finished 3rd in the West Coast conference, which contained Gonzaga and St. Mary's. Meanwhile, Baylor finished 21-14, and finished in 6th place in a Big 12 conference containing Kansas, Kansas State and Oklahoma State. So far this tournament, Baylor has played pretty well, blowing Long Beach State out of the gym by beating them 112-66. They then barely beat Arizona State (by 3) and then beat Providence by 11 to send themselves to New York. Meanwhile, BYU started off their tournament by beating Washington by 11, and then killed Mercer by 19. Then then blew out the #1 seeded Southern Miss by 17 to send themselves to New York. One thing that has always been a little concerning with Baylor is their defense. However, I can't really say BYU plays much better defense than them. I think offense will be the difference in this game, and all season long Baylor was able to put up tons of points, even when playing against some of the best teams in the nation (Scored 81 on Kansas, 72 on OK St, 87 on Gonzaga.) These two teams met early in the year just before Christmas, and BYU got run out of the gym, as they struggled offensively and lost 79-64. Currently, Baylor is favored by 3, and their offense should propel them to victory in this game.
  • Chicago Bulls
  • Carolina Hurricanes
  • No Hits
  • Penguins by 1+
  • 21 or More
  • AOR- Knicks (Streak Pick)- Lebron and Wade and Chalmers are out for the Heat, and the Knicks have their centerpiece Carmelo Anthony back and he is ready. Yes, Tyson Chandler, the Knick's best defensive player will be out, but the Knicks have been able to win without him, going 8-2 in their last ten and riding an 8 game win streak. These teams have met 3 times this year, and the only games decided by 8 or more points were the ones the Knicks won. The Knicks have gone 2-1 in this series so far this year. Currently, the Heat are only favored by 2 and I highly doubt they will be able to beat Carmelo and the Knicks by 8 or more.
  • Brewers Leading
  • Iowa
  • AOR
  • Los Angeles Kings
  • Giants
  • Los Angeles Lakers (Streak Pick)- In the final push for the playoffs, the Lakers and the Mavs are both involved, and this is a key game for both teams. So far this year, the Lakers have compiled a 38-36 record, good enough for 9th place in the West. They have been fairly dominant at home, going 23-12 so far this year. In their last 5 they have only gone 5-5, as they have gone on a road trip, where they struggle. However, they have won 4 out of their last 5 home games, the only loss coming by 3 to the Wizards. Meanwhile, Dallas has gone 36-37 so far this season, and are sitting in 10th place in the West. They have struggled on the road, as they have only been able to compile a 14-22 record so far this year. However, they are 6-4 in their last 10, and have won 4 out of their last 5. However, they haven't played on the road since mid-March, and that is part of the reason for their surge. In their last 5 road games they have done pretty well though, going 4-1. The Lakers are favored by 4 here and I think they take this game. 

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