Monday, February 18, 2013

  • OFI Crete (Streak Pick)- OFI is 5 spots higher in the table than Platanias, and if the season ended right now, Platanias would be relegated. OFI has also been dominant at home, going 6-4-1. However, Platanias has gone only 1-2-8 on the road this year, making it doubtful they will be able to draw OFI. Surprisingly, the odds are favoring Platanias to win or draw right now, as they are at -125 to do one of those things. OFI Crete to win is actually only at +100, which is a surprise. If you are a bettor, I would suggest betting on OFI to win and definitely pick them in SFTC.
  • New York Islanders
  • Manchester United 2+- Reading is a dreadful team that will most likely be relegated after this season is over. Meanwhile, Manchester United is the top team in the Premier League and is dominant at home, while Reading is 1-2-10 at home. Currently, Manchester United -1.5 is favored at -114 while Reading to stay within that is at +102. Looks like a good pick here. NO RVP OR ROONEY STAY AWAY
  • Nashville Predators
  • Notre Dame Wins or Single Digit Loss
  • Notre Dame Number of Players To Score In First Half 
  • Norfolk State Spartans (Streak Pick)- Hampton is really a mediocre team at home, as they are only 5-4. However, they are currently on a 5 game winning streak. Norfolk is .500 on the road, and are currently riding a 10 game winning streak. These two teams met at the end of January, in Norfolk, where Norfolk won by 7. Norfolk is 11-0 in conference play, while Hampton is 7-3. I expect Norfolk to win in a close one here.
  • Texas AM Aggies
  • Toronto Maple Leafs
  • No 3PM
  • Kansas State DD Win (Streak Pick)- West Virginia is a REALLY bad road team. They are only 13-12 overall, but their road record is dreadful at 3-6. They just played the Baylor Bears a week ago, and got pummeled by 20 points. Meanwhile, Kansas State just killed Baylor by 20 a couple days ago, so this doesn't look promising for West Virginia. Other than losing to Kansas, Kansas State is undefeated at home, and I expect them to jump out to an early lead and never look back which will give DD pickers green.
  • Yes 
  • UCONN Huskies
  • Villanova DD Win
  • 63 or Fewer (S2C)

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