Saturday, February 9, 2013

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Instead of Suggested Picks, I will now be doing Streak Picks, which are picks that I would take if I were to go for the stash. Rest of Streak Picks and regular picks will be posted by 2:00 pm. Remember to Follow me On Twitter @FantasyInsider3 and Join our SFTC Group!

  • Manchester United (Streak Pick)- They are pretty much undefeated at home, and I think they continue their dominance tomorrow. Everton has been mediocre on the road and has a win percentage of under 50%. I definitely expect a Man U win.
  • Detroit Red Wings- At home against a mediocre team. Only thing stopping me from
  • Snedeker or Hahn- Sned has been consistent all weekend. I think he takes this one, but I think Hahn will fade away eventually.
  • Maryland Terrapins (Streak Pick)- 14-1 home record against only a 2-4 road record. I'll take that. Maryland has a key win against NC State at home also. Meanwhile, UVA just lost to Georgia Tech two games ago. Georgia Tech is in the bottom 3 of the conference, so that shows how bad of a road team Virginia is.
  • Nigeria- They are big favorites here, I think they win the cup. However, as we have seen, upsets do happen. AVOID TAKING THIS.
  • Indiana Hoosiers- Think they pull it out in a close game. They haven't been too bad on the road, although Ohio State has been very good at home
  • New York Knicks- Knicks have been great at home. Clippers aren't 100% as they are just getting Paul and Griffin back. Expect the Knicks to win in a close one.
  • Penn State Winning Margin- I expect they will win by at least 10 points here, and free throws are hard to come by in women's basketball... Expect it to be close, but I think the WM pulls it out in the end.
  • Any Other Result  (Streak Pick)
  • Lakers SDLW
  • Vandy Wins or Single Digit Loss - Kentucky has struggled on the road all year against teams worse than Vandy.... I think Kentucky wins by 6 or so.
  • Portland Trail Blazers- Orlando a mediocre home team while Portland is a mediocre road team. Therefore, I will take the better team overall, and that is Portland.
  • Boston Celtics- Denver is pretty bad on the road at 10-15 and the Celtics are pretty good at home at 18-9. They have showed they can play without Rondo and are riding a winning streak of 6. Yes, Denver also has a great winning streak at 8, but I think Boston pulls this one out.
  • Toronto Raptors (Streak Pick)- Raptors better team overall here and are about 500 at home with a 12-13 record. Meanwhile, the Hornets are a dreadful road team at 9-18. Toronto wins easily.
  • Columbus Blue Jackets- Two similar teams here, so I will take the home team. Edmonton has only won twice on the road this year and it was either in OT or in a shootout. Columbus should win.
  • Duke WM- Duke should blow out Boston College here. I expect about a 20 point win or so. Duke was able to beat FSU by 19 on the road, and FSU is a much better team than BC. I think BC gets about 15 free throws (they average 14.7) and Duke wins the prop.
  • Buffalo Sabres
  • New York Rangers
  • Chicago Blackhawks
  • Tony Parker (Streak Pick)
  • Oregon State Beavers
  • No FT Made
  • USC Trojans (Streak Pick) - Washington really has not played well on the road, going 4-4. They are 1-4 in their last 5 and are ice cold. USC isn't great at home at 7-5, but they are actually 3-2 in their last 5 with losses on the road to Arizona and Arizona State. Expect USC to edge Washington late in the game.

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