Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hello, I am the FantasyInsider3 and I will be providing you with StreakItUp Picks and Info starting on Friday, March 1st. Each morning (weekdays), I will post all of the picks before 6:00 PM ET. Unfortunately, because of my school schedule, I will not be able to do write-ups for those picks. On the weekends, I will be able to post all the picks in the morning and do write-ups for them. Each day, there will be usually 2-3 Streak Picks, which I would suggest taking in a parlay or by themselves if you are looking to win your league or the grand prize. These picks will definitely have write-ups, and I will do write-ups for however many of the other picks I can. I will keep track of my record by month, even though it is a weekly game. Be sure to join our StreakItUp group called We Pick For The Cash!, and to follow me on Twitter @FantasyInsider3 for updates. Thank you and enjoy the picks!

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