Friday, February 15, 2013

Hello guys! Please be sure to join my SFTC group and follow me on Twitter. I will try and do as many writeups as I can today, as I am trying to improve my blog by doing more and more writeups. However, I do not have any time to do them during the week, and will not until the summer. However, next year, I am happy to say my blog will be doing writeups for every pick, so if you could stick with me that would be great. I will still be doing writeups for all streak picks, but not for regular picks. Thanks.

  • Arsenal 2+
  • Ohio DD Win- Kent State is really a terrible road team, and Ohio is a great road team. Ohio has beaten teams such as Toledo (7-4 in conference) and Bowling Green (5-6 in conference) by 9 points, and I think they should be able to cover here.
  • UCONN Winning Margin
  • Dayton Flyers (Streak Pick)- Dayton has been very good at home so far this year at 10-4. Meanwhile, Xavier is below .500 on the road with a 3-5 record. They recently just lost to Richmond by 2 on the road, and Richmond is around the same level as Dayton. They also lost to St. Joe's by 10, who are only 2 games above Dayton in conference play. When Xavier played Dayton at home, they were only able to beat them by 5 points. Meanwhile, Dayton just lost to Temple at home by 1 point, as they missed a pair of free throws which would have sent the game to OT or gave them the win. Of their 7 losses in conference play, 5 have come on the road. They were actually able to stick with 11th ranked Butler at home, only losing by 6 while still putting up 73 points. While this game will be close, I don't think Xavier is good enough on the road to beat Dayton.
  • Marquette Golden Eagles
  • Fredrik Jacobsen
  • Rutgers Scarlet Knights
  • NC State 15+
  • Indiana 20+ (Streak Pick)- Purdue, in my opinion, is one of the worst road teams in the nation, while Indiana is one of the best home teams in the nation. Purdue actually just lost to unranked Illinois on the road by 20, and have lost by at least 15 points on the road in conference play 4 times including that game. They actually have already played Indiana at home, and lost by 37 points. Meanwhile, Indiana has beaten teams at home by 20 points in conference play twice, against teams with about the same record as Indiana. The spread is 19, so it will really come down to whether Indiana tries at the end of the game or puts their walk-ons in the game. However, I am confident that they will be up by so much that they will be able to win by at least 20.
  • Florida Panthers
  • Evansville Single Digit Loss or Win
  • Stanford Cardinal (Streak Pick)- UCLA has really been terrible lately after starting the season off great, as they are 2-3 in their last 5. On the road, they are not too great either with only a 3-2 record. Meanwhile, Stanford has played pretty decently recently, going 3-2 in their last 5, although the loss to USC on Thursday at home was very disappointing. However, overall they are 10-3 at home. They are favored by 5 points here, and should win easily.
  • Arkansas Razorbacks
  • Mississippi State Free Throws Made
  • Valparaiso Crusaders 
  • Duke Winning Margin
  • No
  • New Jersey Devils
  • Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Kansas State Wildcats (Streak Pick)- I will most likely be taking this pick after selecting no double digit lead in the first half, so if you want to get a larger streak today I would suggest that pick. In my mind, this is as close as you can get to a lock. Kansas State is 12-1 at home, and had won 4 straight until getting killed by Kansas on the road. Meanwhile, Baylor is only 3-4 on the road, and have won their last 2 games against teams in the bottom 5 of the Big 12. Before that, however, they had lost 3 straight. Kansas State is favored by 5 here, and should win easily.
  • 67 or Fewer
  • Ole Miss DD Win
  • Kansas 15+
  • Kansas Halftime Lead
  • Colorado Winning Margin
  • James White or Terrence Ross
  • Utah State

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