Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sunday Morning: Inter Milan. Rest to come!
Hello and welcome to the blog! On weekdays, I will post all the picks from the morning to about 5PM in the morning. These will not have writeups and will not be suggested picks, as my school schedule does not allow that. However, at about 5:30 PM, I will have posted all of the night picks and some of these picks will be suggested picks with writeups. These suggested picks I would suggest including in a parlay. I will also have a parlay of the night. On the weekends, I will post all picks in the morning with writeups for suggested picks. There will be two parlays of the day on weekends. Thanks and enjoy the blog! Be sure to follow me on Twitter @FantasyInsider3 and join our SIU group!

  • Dortmund 2+
  • Chelsea Leading
  • Real Madrid Win or Draw
  • PSG Leading or Tied (Streak Pick)- This is an easy blue. The odds have PSG to be leading or tied at halftime at -900, while Reims to be leading is at +600. Easy blue to start off the day.
  • Florida 9+
  • Syracuse (Streak Pick)- Syracuse has been spectacular at home this year, going 16-1. Meanwhile, Louisville has been pretty decent on the road, and has gone 7-3. Syracuse's only loss at home came last Saturday to the Georgetown Hoyas, who dominated the Orange by 11 points. Syracuse then lost again in its next game on Tuesday, losing by 3 on the road at Marquette. Meanwhile, Louisville has gone 7-3 in its last 10, 3 of those losses coming on the road to Georgetown, Villanova and Notre Dame. Syracuse has a stifling defense at home, allowing only 55 points per game, while putting up an incredible 77 points per game. Meanwhile, Louisville can score the ball on the road pretty well, putting up 73.5 points per game (helped out by their 100 points in multiple overtimes against ND), while having a pretty good defense that only allows 60.9 points per game. Syracuse is favored by 2 here, and I think they win this game by 5 or so.
  • Any Other Result
  • Liverpool Win
  • Memphis Wins by 7+ Points
  • Bruins Leading By 1
  • Oklahoma (Streak Pick)- In my opinion, this is one of the easier props of the day, probably why it is a blue chip prop. Oklahoma has gone 18-9 so far this season, while compiling a 10-2 record at home. Meanwhile, Iowa State has pretty much the same overall record at 19-9, but they have not been very good on the road whatsoever, going 3-7. Iowa State has been pretty good in their last 10, going 6-4, with a nice road win against Baylor. However, they lost to Texas, Kansas State, and Oklahoma State on the road during that stretch. Meanwhile, Oklahoma has gone 5-5 in their last 10, with all the losses coming on the road except for a home loss to Kansas State by 2 points. Iowa State has a surprisingly great offense on the road, putting up 73.9 points per game. However, their defense has killed them, as it allows 75.4 points per game. Meanwhile, Oklahoma has a nice combination of offense and defense, scoring 72.8 points per game while allowing a mere 59.8 points per game. Oklahoma is favored by 4 right now, and they should get their 19th win today.
  • Kansas Leading by 8 or More Points
  • Any Other Result
  • Lazio Leading or Tied
  • 66 or Fewer Points
  • New Jersey Devils
  • Any Other Result
  • Arkansas (Streak Pick)- So far this season, Kentucky is 20-8, and is on a surprising 3 game win streak (all wins coming at home). They have also gone 4-5 on the road. Arkansas, on the other hand,  is 17-11 with a 14-1 home record. Now one thing to keep in mind here is that Kentucky has lost freshman big man Nerlens Noel for the season. He was a key player defensively and when Kentucky plays good teams like Arkansas, they might have trouble playing defense. This is an Arkansas team that beat Florida by 11 points at home. They average 81 points per game at home while allowing 66. Meanwhile, Kentucky averages 65 points per game on the road while giving up a lot at 68.1. I don't think Arkansas should have a problem with this Kentucky team. Expect a 5 point Arkansas win.
  • Any Other Result
  • Duke Blue Devils (Streak Pick)- No time for a huge writeup here, but Duke will be getting Kelly back tonight. Miami just lost on the road to a mediocre Wake Forest team, and now they are playing one of the best home teams in the nation. Duke should take this one by 5 points or so, and I doubt Miami will win like they did in their first meeting.
  • Baylor 
  • 49 or Fewer Points
  • Montreal Canadiens
  • Colorado State
  • 45 Points or More
  • Any Other Result
  • Arizona
  • 197 Points or Fewer
  • Vancouver Canucks
  • San Jose Sharks
Parlay Of The Day #1: PSG Leading or Tied, Syracuse, Oklahoma

Parlay Of The Day #2- Arkansas/Duke

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