Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tomorrow morning, I will tweet out my picks from matchups that are happening from 8 AM-4PM. Then, I will post the remainder of the picks on my blog by 5:30 PM at the latest and do a writeup for two of the picks, as there will be 2 suggested picks. (All Times Are Eastern Time Zone)
  • Ray Rice Rushing Yards
  • Florida State Seminoles @ Maryland Terrapins
Here we have two ranked ACC teams squaring off against each other. Florida State enters ranked 19th in the nation with a 12-1 record, with a 3-1 road record. Meanwhile, Maryland enters ranked 8th with a 10-3 record, and a 6-0 home record. So far this year, Florida State has the more explosive offense, averaging 83.7 points per game while giving up 59.8. However, Maryland has the better defense only allowing 50.5 points per game while scoring 76.0 themselves. Florida State hasn't lost since December 8th to 25th ranked Nebraska. Maryland, on the other hand, lost their last game on the road to UNC (ranked 15th) by 3 points, but hadn't lost since December 3rd to now #1 ranked UCONN.

My Pick: Maryland Terrapins (Suggested Pick)
Why: These two teams are pretty much evenly matched, but Maryland has been very good at home this year. Also, they are favored by 6.5 at home, which is a lot of points. Expect Maryland to cruise

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  • 14 Yards or Fewer
  • Seattle Seahawks 
  • Wilson+Lynch
  • Wichita State Shockers @ Bradley Braves
For next suggested pick of the day, we have Wichita State traveling to Bradley to face the Bradley Braves. Wichita enters with a 13-1 record, the only loss coming on the road to Tennessee. Meanwhile, Bradley enters 10-4, with 3 of those losses coming at home (one of them was to now #2 ranked Michigan). Wichita scores 65 points per game on the road, while allowing 63. Meanwhile, Bradley scores 72.2 points per game while allowing only 56.9.

My Pick: Wichita State (Suggested Pick)
Why: Although it seems as though Bradley has better points per game and points allowed at home, I still think Wichita State is the better team. Also, they are favored by a pretty lot for a road team, at -5.5. Expect a win for Wichita State.
  • 20 Points or Less vs 21 Points or More
Both these teams are explosive teams with quarterbacks who can make something happen on every play. As I write this, there are 2 and a half minutes left in the first half, and 24 points have already been scored and Seattle is driving down the field. This should be an EASY green for 21 or more pickers.

My Pick 21 Points or More (Suggested Pick)
  • North Carolina Tar Heels
  • Arkansas State
  • Touchdown
  • Los Angeles Lakers
  • Oregon State Beavers
  • No Interception

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