Saturday, January 5, 2013

I'm starting to really get green on my regular picks, but I need to step it up on my suggested picks.

  • Stoke City Win
  • Pittsburgh DD Win @ Rutgers Single Digit Loss or Win 
To start off the day with our suggested picks, we have a Big East matchup between Rutgers and Pittsburgh. So far this season, Rutgers has gone 9-3 overall, with a 6-1 home record. They lost their Big East opener to Syracuse by 25 points on the road in their last game. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh enters 12-2 with, and this will be their first true away game. They also lost their Big East opener to ranked Cincinnati at home by 9 points. Pittsburgh has averaged 74.4 points per game this season, which is slightly better than Rutgers, who average 72.5 points per game (74.9 at home). Meanwhile, Pittsburgh plays amazing defense, allowing only 52.5 points per game, compared to Rutgers who gives up 67.9 points per game (64.6 at home). Both teams have been red hot in their last 10, each going 8-2.

My Pick: Rutgers Single Digit Loss or Win (Suggested Pick)
Why: Honestly, I don't think Pittsburgh deserves their ranking of #24. I think they will win this game, but 10 points is a lot, especially in a Big East road game. I think Pitt wins by 5 points, and it will be kept close until the end.
  • Any Other Result
  • Pittsburgh Panthers
  • 26 Points or Fewer
  • North Dakota State Bison vs Sam Houston State
Here we have the championship of the FCS in college football. This season, North Dakota State went 13-1, with their only loss coming to an Indiana State team that ended up going 7-4. In the semifinals almost a month ago, North Dakota beat Georgia Southern by a field goal, winning 23-20. Meanwhile, Sam Houston State was able to go 11-3 this season, but two of those losses came against very good teams (Baylor and Texas A&M). In their semifinal matchup, they went into halftime up 35-0, but collapsed in the second half and were lucky to pull out a 45-42 win against an 11-3 Eastern Washington team. That collapse worries me, as it seems as though they just got lucky and were red hot in the first half

My Pick: North Dakota State Bison (Suggested Pick)
Why: North Dakota has been much more consistent this season, and that epic collapse by Sam Houston State worries me a lot. I think it should be a good game, but in the end I think the better defense, North Dakota State, will prevail.
  • Kansas State Wildcats
  • Marquette Golden Eagles
  • Texas Single Digit Loss or Win
  • Illinois Fighting Illini
  • Ole Miss TD- Playing Much Better than Pitt PICK CHANGE
  • NC State DD Win
  • Any Other Result
  • Cincinnati Bengals @ Houston Texans 
Here we have the wildcard round of the AFC playoffs where the Bengals will travel to Houston. Houston had a great season this year, going 12-4, but what really jumped out at me is that they were 6-2 at home, losing only to the Packers and Vikings. Meanwhile, the Bengals had a pretty good season, going 10-6, with a surprising 6-2 away record. However, 4 of those wins came against teams that finished the season with a losing record, however wins against the Redskins and Steelers on the road were pretty impressive.

My Pick: Houston Texans (Suggested Pick)
Why: Yes, the Texans lost their last two games. But they were both to pretty good teams (Colts and Vikings), and one of those losses was on the road. I think this will be closer than many people think, but in the end the Texans should pull it out.
  • AJ Green
  • Murray State Winning Margin
  • 3 TD Passes or More
  • Atlanta Hawks
  • Indiana Pacers
  • Vikings Single Digit Loss or Win
  • Aaron Rodgers Completions
  • Washington Huskies @ Washington State Cougars
For our final suggested pick of the day, we have the Washington Huskies taking on their in-state rivals the Washington State Cougars. Washington State is 9-4 this season with an outstanding home record at 8-1. Meanwhile, Washington is 8-5 with a 1-1 road record. Washington State has an okay offense at home, scoring 68.4 points per game, but their defense has been amazing, allowing only 52.4 points per game. Meanwhile, Washington scores 70 points per game on the road while allowing 67.5. Washington's road loss came to UCONN, which also happened to be their last game. In their last 10, they are 6-4. Meanwhile, Washington State is  7-3 in their last 10, with one of the losses coming on the road and the other at a neutral site. In fact, their only home loss is to ranked Gonzaga.

My Pick: Washington State Cougars
Why: All signs point towards the home team winning. Pick them.
  • Touchdown
  • USC Trojans

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