Monday, December 31, 2012


This year we will be introducing a couple of things. First, we will be introducing Covers Streak Survivor picks. The FI3 will be posting a couple of suggested picks for each day. Second, we will be introducing suggested picks. Each day on SFTC, the FI3 will be highlighting a couple of picks that you should take if you are looking to win cash on SFTC.

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  • Oklahoma State 15+
  • Northwestern Wildcats
  • South Carolina vs Michigan

Here we have a battle of two very good defenses, as South Carolina is ranked 11th and Michigan is ranked 16th. This season, South Carolina compiled a 10-2 record while taking down very good opponents such as Georgia and Clemson. In the two games they lost, the teams were ranked in the top 9 when they played (LSU and Florida). Meanwhile, Michigan has gone 8-4 with key wins against Northwestern and Nebraska. They also played undefeated Ohio State tough and only lost by 5. There other losses came to Alabama and Notre Dame (these two teams are in the national championship), and Nebraska.

My Pick: South Carolina (Suggested Pick)

Why: When two very good defenses meet, it all comes down to which offense can make the least mistakes. Michigan usually makes more mistakes than South Carolina, and therefore I think South Carolina pulls this one out.

  • Nebraska Single Digit Win or Loss
  • 149 or Less
  • 2 Field Goals or Fewer
  • Wisconsin Single Digit Loss or Win vs Stanford DD Win
For our second suggested pick of the day, we have a Wisconsin Badgers teams going up against the Stanford Cardinal. Wisconsin enters with an 8-5 record, with their only real key win coming against Nebraska in the conference championship. Meanwhile, Stanford enters 11-2 with losses coming only to Washington and Notre Dame. Stanford has the 12th best defense in the nation, only allowing 17.5 points per game. Meanwhile, Wisconsin also plays solid defense, ranked 19th in the country, only allowing 19.1 points per game.

My Pick: Wisconsin Single Digit Loss or Win (suggested pick)

Why: Although Stanford is the clear winner here in my opinion, I think Wisconsin keeps it close until the end and lose by only 7 or so.
  • 64 Yards or Fewer
  • 14 or More
  • AOR
  • 179 or Fewer
  • Los Angeles Clippers vs Denver Nuggets
The Clippers enter this road game with an outstanding record of 25-6, while the Nuggets enter at 17-15.  In their last 10, the Clippers have gone undefeated (they are on a 17 game winning streak) while the Nuggets have gone only 6-4. Both have similar points for, with about 102 points for both teams. However, the Clippers defense has been rock solid, allowing about 92 points per game, while the Nuggets allow exactly 100 points per game.

My Pick: Clippers (suggested pick)
Why: I don't think this amazing run will be stopped by the mediocre Nuggets. Expect an 5-8 point win for the Clippers. Also, the Nuggets lost to the Clippers on Christmas day by 12 points. Although it was in LA, I still think the Clippers win handedly.
  • Yes 1+ Interception

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