Sunday, September 23, 2012

SIU Picks

Dec 25: Merry Chirstmas everyone! Good luck this week
1. Knicks Lakers are favored here actually but i won't pick them until they prove to beat a top team
2. Arizona 5 point favs at home. They wont lose this. LOCK OF THE DAY
3. Bulls..4 point favorites
Dec 23: Not a good day yesterday..i can assure you all my picks are fully researched and thought out. On the bright side, i am on the monthly STFC leaderboard..69 wins
1. BEARS. Straight up? The Bears NEED to win this game, LOCK OF THE DAY
2. Giants. They know they need to win this to make it into the playoffs, but mostly they are the better team in this matchup..Baltimore isn't as talented without Ray Lewis, i really like the Giants here 
3. 33 or fewer or no TD..I like this pick because both teams are strong defensively, there may only be 1-2 touchdowns in the 2nd half, chances or very good for no td over 33 yards. These defenses do not give up many deep plays.

Dec 22: Gotta get back on track today..
1.Sienna W/D
3. Fullham Leading or Tied
4. AOR-Texas..Coming off a big win against North Carolina
5. Illinois.. Mizzou is favored but until they beat a quality opponent i wont pick them
6. Atlanta Hawks..4 point favorites
7. Heat 3+
8.  Falcons
9. Warriors LOCK OF THE DAY

Dec 21:
AOR-Ball St..This game should be close, Ball St has had a great season and many think they may even win this game. Take them with the points
Knicks LOCK OF THE DAY..At home i dont see them losing
Stanford..4 point favorites NU best player is out (crawford) which means they are putting a freshman in the starting lineup, Stanford is good. LOCK OF THE DAY #2

Dec 20: Not confident in too many picks today
1. Thunder
2. AOR-SDSU This should be a close game..a late field goal may decide it or San Diego could win this, it is at their home field where they played great at all season. LOCK OF THE DAY
3. AOR-Mavs I like the Mavs to come out and play good, i think they can cover this spread and maybe even win the game
4. 23 or less..This is a storng first half pick both of these teams are defensive, i will be including this in my parlay
  ...........I also like Deportiva LA Coruna W/D and Bars Kazan in those props if you don't have a streak
Dec 18:
1. Fiorentina..They are -125 to advance. They are on the road but i do think they advance here.
2. No teams not level..Bayern should be leading here, not too confident but aor is the solid pick
3. Indiana - They are averaging more points and playing a much worse opponent
4. AOR-Hawks I think the Hawks will be ready for the game and could very well pull the upset
5. Murray St..I am not picking them because they are favored but they are the better team no question..i look for Murray St. to beat this overrated Arkansas St team. LOCK OF THE DAY
6. Warriors I do not see a spread right now for this game but the Warriors are a much stronger team..i do not see how the Kings will beat this team even at home LOCK OF THE DAY #2

Dec 17:
1. Mainz leading or tied This will be a tight game..chances are best for this to be tied at half
2. Bucks 3 point favorites and play great at home, they need a win here
3. Miami (FL) They are 5 point favorites even on the road..they should not lose this game LOCK OF THE DAY
4. AOR-Bobcats Here is the thing, the Lakers should win this easily but they are so inconsistent and lack that chemistry. I think the Bobcats should be able to keep this closer than DD (Medium Confidence)

Dec 16: New week everyone Gl..i will continue to just post strong picks, seems to work out well. I had up to a W13 last week and one prop away from a W19.

Not many strong picks..i would suggest just picking to build credits today
1. Thunder..They are 5 point favorites and @ home, however, Spurs are a top team as well so i could see them losing

Dec 14: A lot of props here..i have a W13 and am being very patient but a lot of eye catching props today
1. Notre Dame 6 point favorites and at home. Purdue is bad LOCK OF THE DAY
2. Louisville 4 point favorites..Memphis has not proved themselves yet LOCK OF THE DAY #2
3. Florida 3 point favorites..they are the better team i don't expect Arizona crowd to be that much of a factor since students are on break
4 AOR-Warriors They are coming off a bad loss at Orlando..look for them to rebound and possibly win this LOCK OF THE DAY #3
5. Manchester City They need this win and Newcastle is not in good form
6. Creighton They are a top mid major team with..i don't see Cal pulling this off even at home

Dec 13:
I like Golden State, Cavs, and Rockets to win tonight

Dec 12: All my 4 picks won telling you follow the picks and you will get high streaks. These are my initial strong picks..stay tuned for more information. As of 4:00 i am taking down Wichita St..i actually think Tennessee pulls of the upset tonight after doing more research
1.St Etienne: -170 for the W/D
2. Real Zarogoza: Reason for this is they are slightly favored and have won this prop last 5 times they have played
3.AOR-Eagles: Eagles are coming off a win @ TB..they will fight hard here
4.AOR-Trailblazers: Play great at home..the question is will they play good in the 4th quarter

Dec 11:
1. Colorado As of now they are favorites and should win this game. Better talent and competition. They will bounce back after that loss to Kansas.  LOCK OF THE DAY
2. AOR-Warriors Based on the Heat's recent performance, this should be a close way i see the Warriors getting blown out here by DD. I wouldn't pick them to win on the road, but should compete. LOCK OF THE DAY #2
3. Real Vigo W/D or lose by 1..After seeing the lineups this is a solid pick. RM will probably win but by 2+ is not too good..even if they are the best team. Vigo will look to be defensive and be on their A team
4. Hawks They are 5 point favorites right now, they are a solid pick but i could see them getting beat so be cautious.

Dec 10:
1.Any Other # of Goals..These teams are poorly coached and bad defensive teams within their league..5 out of 20 times they have played, there has been more than 1 goal in the 1st half, risky but i feel confident in this prop LOCK OF THE DAY
Sunderland Reading is fielding basically half of their starting team..Sunderland wins this at home LOCKOF THE DAY #2
2.St Josephs.. They are 5 point favorites @ Villanova. Nova lost by 18 to Columbia at home.
3.Santa Clara..I have not seen either team play but basing off the odds this is a strong pick, SC is favored by 5.5 points

Dec 9: Good luck everyone..i will still be listing Medium/High streak picks. As you can see, they will most likely give you green, especially the LOTD.

Zenit St Petersburg With a streak wouldn't touch this but everyone is reset at 0..Zenit at home should win
Patriots They are 4 point favorites and at home play well. I would not be surprised if Houston won though.NOW 5.5 POINT FAVORITES
Warriors LOCK OF THE DAY.. They are 4.5 favorites and are clearly the better team. They know wins right now are important and won't come out sluggish.

Dec 8: Well my locks are 9-4. I see 2-3 solid picks today

Manchester City Take a look at City's home results..4 draws and no losses in the last 2 years. Take them
Colts LOCK OF THE DAY Colts at home..easy green
Bears Not to confident here but this is a strong pick as the Vikings are ovverated
Redskins RG3 is proving to be too much..Ravens are not as good without Ray Lewis
Giants Giants at home will be too much for the Saints 

Chelsea Chelsea is in 3rd in the EPL while Sunderland is 1 spot away from relegation..huge talent difference
AOR-Virginia Tech LOCK OF THE DAY #2
Navy 7+ Army has lost 7 games by DD..Navy wins this by 10+
 Illinois LOCK OF THE DAY Do not be shocked if Illinois wins this outright..yes they are that good. Very underrated. Gonzaga will win i think, but no way by 12 points. This prop shocks me..

Dec 7: Not really confident in any picks today with a high streak

Dec 6: I am not too confident in any picks today..might change though after research
AOR-Knicks Knicks could win this game but i don't think they will..chances are good for them to not lose by 7 though LOCK OF THE DAY
Broncos 11+ Again..not too confident but the Raiders have lost their last 5 games and simply are not good enough to win this game tonight. I see Denver winning by 8+

Dec 5
Florida LOCK OF THE DAY The line is 5 but i would not be surprised to see a blowout here..max confidence
AOR-Dayton Dayton is a solid team, i think they have a good shot to beat Alabama

Dec 4: Once again, these are all medium streak picks or higher
Borrusia  Man City is done with the CL..they could really care less about this game
FC Porto Need to draw or win to advance
Richmond @ Old Dominion..Texas and Gtown dont score many points
Arkansas Dont look at records..Arkansas is the much better team, at home, and playd a better schedule LOCK OF THE DAY

For this week and maybe next i will be very busy so each day i will just post some high streak picks. GL all

Dec 3:
Wigan Athletic
197 or more

Nov 29:
Kuban (low streak)
3 or more (low streak)
Yes Level (low streak)
Concordia W/D (low streak)
Horsens (low streak)
Frankfurt (low streak)
Milan (low streak)
Osasuna (low streak) Osasuna fielding best lineup as they need to win this
1 or fewer (low streak)
2 or fewer (Medium Streak) Both teams struggle to shoot from outside..
AOR-Kent St (Medium Streak) Line is 7 but i think this will be close as it is the championship game
49 or less (low streak)
Bobcats (low streak) 76ers are currently 3 point favorites but i like the Bobcats at home here.
Knicks 4+ (low streak)
Kansas 6+ (low streak)
22 or more (low streak)
AOR-UCLA (HIGH STREAK) Spread is 8 and this is the championship game..UCLA will learn what went wrong last week. Jim Mora will have this team ready, they may not win but look for it to be closer.
AOR-Arkansas (low streak) Spread is only 7.5
Kings (low streak)
206 or more (Medium Streak) Both fast paced offenses with little defense

Nov 28: Rest of picks posted during the day.

3 or more (low streak)
Randers (low streak)
Real Zaragoza W/D (low streak)
Hertha (low streak)
Dep La Coruna W/D (Medium Streak)
De Chile (low streak)
2 or fewer (low streak) Kentucky is not a 3 point shooting team..both teams will look to attack the basket
Notre Dame (low streak) 1 point favorites and they always play great at home..Kentucky is also young
21 or less (low streak)
AOR (low streak)
AOR -Spurs (HIGH STREAK) The Spurs have a great chance at winning the game..i think this will be close either way PICK OF THE DAY
Jones /Gonzalez (low streak)
Falcons (low streak) Saints need this so i would not be surprised if they win..but being this is at Atlanta they are my pick.
69/more (low streak)
Seton Hall (low streak)
45 or fewer (HIGH STREAK) Chances of a long TD in 2nd half is very slim..
Warriors (low streak) Favored by 2 and play great at home..Nuggets are not a good rod team. 646

Nov 27: Keep in my mind all these picks are researched and influenced by the odds

Atalanta (low streak)
Chievo (low streak) Depends on the first half score also..
Nice W/D (low streak)
Esbjerg (low streak)
1 or less (low streak)
Levante 2+ (low streak)
Bayern 2+ (Medium Streak) They should win this by 2 easily if they try to
FC Copenhagen (low streak)
Fullham (low streak) They play a defensive style..this has a good chance being tied.
Man City/Wigan (low streak)
3 or more goals (low streak)
No teams not level (low streak)
49 or less (low streak) I don't see the Magic putting up a lot of points
62/less (low streak)
Miami (low streak) They are -2 point favorites. Yes MSU is ranked but home court is means alot and Miami is pretty good
Celtics (low streak) 4 point favorites
AOR-Mavs (low streak)
Knicks (low streak) Favored by 3, better team
AOR-BC (low streak)
Ohio St (HIGH STREAK) I actually think Ohio St has a very good chance to win this straight up..and i know this will not be a blowout, expect a hard fought and close game. PICK OF THE DAY
UNLV 17+ (low streak)
193 or more (Medium Streak) Both teams have been high scoring..

Nov 26: I don't really feel confident in any picks today, i probably won't be picking with my W7..still early in the week
Bochum (low streak)
Paderborn W/D (low streak) W/D is -150
Yes teams level (low streak) I could see this 0-0 at half
Real Sociedad (Medium Streak) -175 to win
Schalke (low streak)
Lazio (low streak)
Reading W/D (low streak)
AOR (low streak)
2 or more (low streak)
Cavs (low streak)
Sixers (low streak) They are 3.5 favorites
Minnesota (low streak) FSU lost to South Alabama.gotta go against them here
AOR-Raptors (low streak)
AOR-Maryland (low streak)
AOR -UNC (Medium Streak) UNC is a great team once again..i just don't see them getting blown out
Kings (low streak) Favored by 2..
AOR-Pacers (low streak) I definitely think the Lakers win here but it is risky to take by 8..especially when garbage points can be scored to secure the +8 in the last couple minutes.

Nov 25:
AOR (low streak)
Zenit (HIGH STREAK) Zenit is the more talented team with players like Hulk
AGF (low streak)
3 or more (low streak)
Parma (HIGH STREAK) -200 and are ahead of Milan in the table. LOCK OF THE DAY
Celta (low streak)
 No not level (Medium Streak)
50 or more (low streak)
Spurs 3+ (low streak)
Pistons (low streak)
AOP (low streak)
AOR-Bucks (Medium Streak) Bucs may win this game..
141 more (low streak)
Panthers (Medium Streak) No Vick or McCoy for Eagles, -3 for Panthers
41 more (low streak)
Jazz (low streak) Jazz play great at home
200 or less (low streak)

Nov 24:

4 or more (low streak)
Fullham W/D (low streak) currently -154
Grenada (low streak)
AOR-GT (low streak) Spread is 13..
Pittsburgh (low streak) Pitt is actually favored by 2 points..they have to win to be bowl eligible.
Ohio St (Medium Streak) 4 pt favorites
33 or more (low streak)
Valencia (low streak)
80 or more (low streak) Two high powering offenses
AOR-Oregon St (low streak)
73 or more (low streak)
Bama 21 or more (low streak)
AOR-Florida (low streak) They will win but i think Florida can keep it close
Penn St (HIGH STREAK) Penn St needs this, senior day, Wisconsin doesnt need to win..LOCK OF THE DAY
Real Madrid 2+ (low streak)
UCLA (low streak)
Texas AM (low streak)
South Carolina (Medium Streak)
47 less (low streak)
Notre Dame (Medium Streak)
23 less (low streak)
Mavericks (low streak) Favored by 1..
Bucs (Medium Streak)
San Jose St (low streak)
UNLV (Medium Streak) Hawaii is god awful, if they win this game i will feel bad for UNLV

Nov 23: Not too many confident picks today..
Rostov(low streak)
31.more (low streak)
AOR-Temple (low streak)
AOR-Iowa (low streak) Spread is 16..i have a feeling Iowa plays well as it is senior day
Kolin (low streak)
2 or less (low streak)
LSU 13+ (low streak)
27 or more (Medium Streak)
West Virginia (low streak)
AOR (low streak)
Kansas St (low streak) I like this team filled with senior leadership
Cincinnati 8+ (low streak)
AOR-Bobcats (low streak)
Nets (low streak) Clippers long road trip..Nets play well at home
47 or more (low streak)
Grizzlies 3+ (low streak)
51 or more (low streak)
Arizona St (low streak)
69 or less (low streak)
Creighton (low streak)

Nov 22: Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Udinese (low streak)
Rubin Kazan (HIGH STREAK) Inter Milan is fielding a bad team..they do not need to win
Lions (low streak) Gut feeling here..Lions need this and havnt won on Thanksgiving in a while
50 or less (low streak)
3 or more (low streak)
Napoli (low streak)
Redskins (low streak)
49 or more (low streak)
Texas 8+ (HIGH STREAK) TCU QB out
AOR-Jets (low streak) Jets always play NE close..
48 or less (low streak)

Nov 21:

Bilbao (low streak)

Zenit (low streak) Zenit NEEDS to win this or they are eliminated from the champions league.

Any Other # (medium streak)

Manchester City (low streak) They need a result or they are eliminated. At home, they play really well..the draw option could be huge too

Ajax (low streak)

Arsenal (low streak)

67 or less (low streak)

Syracuse 10+ (low streak)

3 or more (low streak)

Pistons (low streak)

Paul (low streak) He gets a lot of assists

Spurs (low streak)

Knicks leading (low streak)

50 or more (low streak)

Michigan (low streak)

AOR-Kings (low streak)

Warriors (low streak)

Sorry i will not be able to make picks for tomorrow..not able to reach computer

Nov 19: Not sure whats up with the chat box but its a new week.

Lokomotiv Moscow (low streak) They are -138 to win the match. They are 8th in the RPL while Kryla is in 13th. Moscow won 2-0 earlier in the year so they are the pick.

Torpedo Moscow (low streak) Ural is slightly favored but i am picking Moscow with the tie option and they are at home. Russian league matches are low scoring and said to be fixed so.

2 or fewer goals (low streak)

Pandurii (low streak) They are -275 to win the match so they should net one at least in the first half..

Atromotis W/D (low streak) They are -154 to w/d

Any Other # (low streak)

Hertha BCS (low streak) Hertha -163

Stoke City W/D (low streak) Stoke only has 3 losses in their 11 matches this season, which is mainly because of their strong defense. They have only allowed 10 goals all season long. West Ham has been solid this year, but I don't trust them enough to score enough to win this match against a strong defense. Stoke is also capable of scoring with Crouch and Walters on the offensive end. Preview form

Marquette (HIGH STREAK) Butler is not as good as they used to be..Marquette is 3 point favorites.

Quilmes (low streak)

Indiana 21+ (low streak) Not confident because 21 is a lot..but Indiana is a great team

AOR-Miss St (low streak) UNC lost a couple top players, Miss St should compete in the first half, UNC is favored by 17


Saint Louis (low streak) They are actually favored here by 1.5 and i agree..this should be close and is a toss up but i would lean SL just because they are a more more experienced team.

Hawks by 3 (low streak)

AOR-GTOWN (low streak)

2 pt FG (low streak)

Spurs (Medium Streak) Spurs are -4.5 favorites. They did lose @ Clippers earlier in the season but they play better at home..i dont see them losing again to LA

No 0 scores (low streak) 2 back ups quarterbacks in..2 great defenses..0 scores is the smart pick

49ers 7+ (low streak) Without Cutler, i do not see the Bears scoring much.

10/fewer (low streak)

Nov 18:
Write-ups will resume Monday..Some strong pickes today if you had to parlay...
Saints 5+

West Brom
23 less
Barca 3+
42 or less
Ok St
Real Madrid
38 or more
San Jose St

Nov 15:

Akron (low streak) Tougher pick than most would expect, Oklahoma St. is bad this year (only beat UC Davis by 8) and Akron lost to Coastal Carolina who is actually a decent team. Oklahoma St is favored by 3 but i am actually on the Zips for the upset.

AOR-Dayton (low streak) Dayton is a good mid major team they should keep this close..maybe even win

AOR (low streak) Don't know anything about this..not gonna research it either

No, Either team has lead (low streak)

AOR-Boston College (Medium Streak) Baylor is now only 12 points favorites. This is a neutral location game and BC has improved, i think they keep this within 15.

136 or less (low streak)

San Martin W/D (low streak)

Louisville 16+ (low streak) Samford is bad...

Oregon State (low streak)

30 or less (low streak)

Virginia (low streak) UNC is 3 point favorites and ranks 29th in offense and defense in the country..however Virginia is at home where they play well. Virginia has 4 wins all season, they NEED to win this or their chance of going to a bowl game are finished. Tough pick, stay away either team could win.

2 Pt Field Goal (low streak)

Nets (HIGH STREAK) The Nets are 3 points favorites..they are without Rondo and the Nets are a fast paced team which is opposite of the Celtics. I am confident in the Nets tonight.

Dolphins (low streak) Miami has lost their last 2 games while Buffalo has only beat 3 teams that are arguable the worst teams in the league. They have failed to close out games. Miami needs this for their hopes of a wild card..i think their defense steps up and helps them get a W. Bills are without Jackson as well...toss up though

48 or more (low streak) 2 high powering offenses

Purdue (low streak) They are -3 points favorites

23 or less (low streak)

Nuggets (low streak) As you can see... the Heat DO NOT play well on the road. The Nuggets strive at home and should be on their game while the Heat are traveling from LA, they are probably tired playing 5 out of 7 days.

UCLA 9+ (low streak)

Nov 14:
Russia (HIGH STREAK) The U.S is sending a young squad halfway around the world to face Russia's A- team. This is more about the young players getting looks, not about the result. If the team doesn't care how they do, how can you pick them? Russia should win this at home. Preview from

Slovakia W/D (low streak) Not sure how either of these teams lineups will look yet, so i will lean with the draw as neither team is that much superior.

Tunisia W/D (low streak) Odds have this one as a toss-up, with a slight edge towards Tunisia. Since the home side plays in the Confederation of African Football, their competition is usually a bit weaker. That being said, they know how to play defense like most African teams do. Since it's not an international break but just a midweek friendly and these teams probably won't have their A teams in, I wouldn't trust the Swiss to go to another continent and win this game. Once again i am leaning with the draw. Preview from

Denmark W/D (low streak) Again, lineups? Friendlies are tough to predict.

3 or more (low streak)

Any Other # of goals (Medium Streak) Netherlands have a great offense, even without RVP. I definitely see at least one goal scored, hopefully they net two.

France W/D (low streak) France is coming off a great last minute draw @ Spain while Italy beat Denmark 3-1 at home. Both these sides are very capable at the back so this could be a low scoring game. The one issue is that Italy dominates France at home. That being said, this has been a strong France squad in recent years and Italy hasn't played France at home since 2007. Gotta lean draw once again. Preview from Terp @27inarow

Spain 2+ (Medium Streak) If Spain try's in this match, they should win by 2+ Panama is not on Spain's level. Not even close.

AOR-Wisconsin (low streak) I have not seen either team play yet this year..safer pick is that Wisconsin keeps this close. I could see Florida winning by 6-9 though as they do play at home and this depends if Wisconsin is hitting their 3's..they will shoot them a lot.

AOR-Pistons (low streak) Line is 7 so technically the under should be favored here, toss up.

AOR-Jazz (low streak) Celtics are good and the Jazz do play bad on the road but my gut is telling me the Jazz keep this close as they are a fast paced team and the Celtics will look to slow it down and play great defense, two opposite style teams here.

Yes 1 or more scores (low streak) MAC games are high scoring..not much defense and Ohio does have a great offense 

AOR-Ohio (low streak) Ohio is coming off a tough loss in the conference to Bowling Green..i think they bounce back and at least keep this close with their experienced QB, Tyler Tettleton. 

90 or more (low streak)

AOR-Memphis (HIGH STREAK) Memphis is 5-1 and playing pretty good basketball. They have a fast paced team, along with the Thunder. It is tough to say the Thunder win by 6 here as the Grizzlies are a great team and motivated to win this game.

Northern Illinois (low streak) Tough to take them by DD against a Toledo team who was just knocked out of the rankings but i think Northern Illinois is the best team in the conference and better than Toledo. They should win this game, i think by DD.

Suns (low streak) Upset pick right here..Bulls favored by 3. My gut just says the Bulls will finally get tested on the road..still without Rose it is tough to pick them on the road as they rely on their defense.

Clippers (low streak) Heat have proven to not play as good on the road, the Clippers are playing great basketball and play great at home. I think they find a way to stop Lebron and Wade. Stay away from this game though with any streak.

Nov 13: Busy day of college basketball. Good luck to everyone!

Massachusetts 10+ (Medium Streak) Umass is at home, a place where they play very well usually. Harvard lost their top 2 players from last season, i do not see this being a close game.

AOR-Kent St (low streak) Temple is favored by 3.5 points as of now. Kent St is coming off an impressive win against Drexel, who was in the NIT last year. I would not be surprised to see Kent St win this game outright.

AOR-Detroit (HIGH STREAK) Again, the spread is 5.5 but i think Detroit may win this game outright. Detroit has a great player named Ray McCallum. He will look to lead this Detroit team who beat St Johns last year. I do not see this a blowout by any means, should be a good game.

AOR-Xavier (low streak) I do think Butler wins this game but being on the road it is tough to take them to win by 5 here, although it could happen. Safe play is to take aor.

Even # or No Goals (low streak)

Michigan St (low streak) Taking a little gamble here, i would stay away from this pick. Kansas only beat a D2 team by 12 and isn't the team they were a couple years ago. Michigan St has a game played already and i think that will benefit them, even as underdogs. This is @ Kansas which is a very tough place to play so stay away.

46 or less (low streak) 2 of the worst offenses.

Knicks 7+ (low streak)

AOR -Cavs (low streak)

WKU leading 5+ (low streak) Don't know much about either team, no research here.

Duke (Medium streak) Duke is 3.5 favorites and i agree with the odds. Kentucky is a young team who is not ready for a big game yet in my mind. We have no seen them play a talented team and talented coached team yet. They have no experience, i do not see them winning this game or covering the spread.

Kings (low streak) Kings play well at home

Spurs (low streak) Best record in the NBA..gotta take them untill the Lakers can prove they can compete with the big teams.

UCLA 10+ (low streak)

Nov 12: Well, i lost my w8 on covers yesterday so i am looking forward to regrouping.

FC Torpedo Moscow (low streak) Let me start by saying this match will most likely be fixed somehow.
Shinnik is in 2nd to last place with a 2-3-2 home record and a 5-5 goal differential in their 7 home matches this season. Torpedo Moscow is 11th place out of 17 teams and is 2-1-5 on the road with a 10-16 goal differential in those matches. In their last 6 head to head meetings, Shinnik has only won 1 time, Torpedo Mow has won 3 times, and there have been 2 draws. Only 1 of those matches have had a team score more than 1 goal, which was when Torpedo won 4-0 on the road a year ago. This game has 0-0, 1-1, or 1-0 written all over it. I'll take my chances with the win/draw option in a probable fixed match. Preview from Jon @27inarow

Khimki or tie (low streak) Depends on the first half, but Russian matches are usually low scoring so the tie should be big here.

Kerkyas (low streak) Panathinaikos (-125 to win) is having a down year compared to last season so far, where they finished in 2nd place in the league. They have lost some players from last year, so that's probably part of the reason. They are currently in 8th place with a 3-5-1 overall record and a 2-2-1 road record. Kerkyra is in 11th place with a 2-4-3 overall record and a 1-2-1 home record. Both teams have problems scoring goals, so this could be a low scoring affair. Kerkyas has some very strong home results this season. Their last 2 home matches include a draw against PAOK (2nd in league) and a win over OFI (6th in league). Panathinaikos has won the last 4 meetings against Kerkyas, but this years squad isn't as strong as their one's in past seasons. Preview from Jon @27inarow

Esjberg W/D (low streak) Midtjyland is slightly favored at +100 and they are at home but i think the safer pick is to side with Esjberg and the draw option. Neither team has seemed to be too dominant.

Any # of goals (Medium Streak) 

AC Wimbledon (low streak) They are -138 to advance. Tough to find good preview for this match but it looks like their team is in better form.

Maritimo (low streak)

Federer (low streak) This has the making of a great match. Djokovic is the favorite at -143, but I think Federer is going to take this one. Federer leads the all time head to head series 16-12 and he has won their last 2 meetings. Their most recent match was in Cincinnati this past summer where Fed won 6-0 7-6. Federer has won this tournament 6 times and in each of the last 2 years, while Djokovic has won this title once in 2008. This match will probably go the distance and could be settled by tiebreakers. Preview from Jon @27inarow

25 or more (low streak) Like i stated before, this will likely go all 3 sets.

AOR (low streak) Pitt is favored by 20. It is the first game of the season, not sure if picking them to be leading by DD is the smart pick. We will see though, i would go AOR.

Raptors (low streak) The Jazz are not a good road team. The Raptors need this win. If they are without Lowry i would probably take the Jazz but he is most likely going to play.

46 or less (low streak) If you have watched the Sixers, you know they focus on defense and are not a high scoring team. Look for this to be a close, hard fought game on the defensive end.

Bulls (low streak) They are 3 point favorites and at home. Boston just doesn't look like the old team they used to be.

No 0 scores (low streak)

AOR (low streak) Line is only 12.5. I wouldn't be surprised for a blowout here, or a close game because the Chiefs have got to start pulling it together or it could get ugly for the players and coaches. Tough prop here.

12 or less (low streak) The Chiefs probably won't reach the end zone so the Steelers would have to twice. I don't see that happening. 

No Neither Occur (low streak)

Any Others Score or No Score (low streak)

Gonzaga 10+ (low streak) Tough to take them by DD first game of the season against a big east team but the Zags play great at home and are ranked #17. They have a better team than WVU this year, we will see if they look to run up the score though. 

Man City
24 or more
Ravens 7+ (Medium Streak)
AOR-Bengals (Medium Streak)
Atalanta W/D
AOR-Jets (Medium Streak)
22 or less
39 or more
49 or less
Jay Cutler- Texans do run the ball a lot with Arian Foster
40 or less
AOR-Kings (Medium Streak)
Arian Foster

I will be out of town tomorrow (Saturday) so i will not be able to post some write ups, might for the Sat night picks.

Nov 9

AOR (low streak) Berdych has one of the best serves in tennis..just depends if he on

Rostov (low streak)

2 or less (low streak)

Even # (low streak)

Mainz (low streak)

Meddlesborough (low streak)

Belgrano (low streak)

Quilmes (low streak)

65 or less (low streak)

AOR-Connecticut (low streak) Connecticut will not be as good as previous years but still this should be a competitive game and it is the first game so both teams should be a little rusty.

AOR-Marquette (low streak)

47 or less (low streak)


AOR-Hawks (Medium Streak) Heat are not as great on the road, i don't think they blowout the Hawks tonight. First quarter should be close.

179 or less (low streak) 2 defensive teams who do not score much, especially the 76ers.

Pitt (Medium Streak)

Thunder 4+ (HIGH STREAK)

Kentucky 6+ (low streak)

Florida (low streak)

Spurs 6+ (low streak)

AOR-Warriors (HIGH STREAK) PICK OF THE DAY. The Warriors will be competitive in this game, it will be close. The Warriors may even win the game.

AOR -Indiana State (low streak)

Nov 8:

AOR (low streak) Federer has never lost a set to Ferrer so he should win this match in 2 sets, but im taking aor because i am not so sure he blows him out. Winning both sets by 2 games seems very likely, tough pick though could go either way.

CSKA Moscow (low streak) Thought this was soccer at first, but it is basketball. I don't know much but base don results looks like Moscow is the better team and are at home.

Any Other # (low streak)

Dnipro (low streak) They beat Napoli 3-1 last weak and are playing much better.

Kobenhaven w/d (low streak)

Atletico Madrid More Goals (low streak)

Even # of goals (low streak)

Athletic Club Win (low streak)

Partizan W/D (low streak)

Tottenham More Goals (low streak)

Independiente W/D (low streak)

Yes 1 or more scores (low streak)

AO-VT (low streak) Line is 13 in favor of FSU. Crazy things happen on Thursday night games in college football, i think VT at home will be fired up and should play well. I think they keep it within 2 touchdowns.

Thunder (low streak) I think the Thunder are just the better team. Will they play better in this game? Im not to sure, they have played better quality teams while the Bulls have not really been tested yet. I don't see the Thunder going to 2-3 (losing record).

140 or more (low streak)

AOR-Jags (low streak) Line is 3 in favor of Colts. They lost to the Jags earlier in the season but i don't see them losing again, especially the way the Colts are playing lately. I am taking AOR simply because i do think the Jags will keep this close as they have been in almost all their games till the 4th quarter.

Any Other Position or No TD (low streak) Both teams mostly score passing touchdowns

Trailblazers (HIGH STREAK) The Blazers are great at home, Clippers are not as good on the road. Clippers just played a long, tough, game last night against the Spurs while the Blazers have been off since Monday. Look for a energized, Blazers team to come out and run, putting up a lot of points. PICK OF THE DAY

Congrats to Obama for being reelected!
Nov 7:

Djokovic (low streak) Him and Murray have played 6 times this year, each winning 3 times. The odds are in Djokovic's favor and i think he is the better player. Should be a great match, won't be surprised if Murray wins.

Cienciano (low streak)

Any Other # (low streak) This prop doesn't even specify the match.

Spartak Moscow (low streak)

1 or fewer (low streak) Both these teams play more defensively.

Sporting Braga (low streak) Let me first state that Braga NEEDS this match if they want to have any shot at advancing in the CL. They only have 3 points and Man U has 9. When these teams played earlier in the CL Braga took a 2-0 lead at Man U before losing 3-2. Braga is -163.

Shaktar (low streak) This is do or die for Chelsea in the CL. They need all 3 points here and it will not be easy. Shakatar has not lost competitively in a longggg time and they beat Chelsea 2-1 at home so i am leaning towards Shaktar with the draw option, do not take with any high streak.

Even # goals (low streak)

Bayern Munich (low streak) May change depending on what the scores are but Lillie is far worse than Celtic. Celtic may compete with Barcalona.

Sau Paulo (low streak)

Bobcats (low streak) The Bobcats are at home and have looked decent. Toss up game but ill take the home team.

Celtics 3+ (low streak) Wizards are probably the worst team in the NBA.

Hawks (low streak)

25 or more (low streak) Ohio has a great offense and the MAC seems to be more high scoring/passing.

49 or less (low streak)

Rockets (Medium Streak) They have had 4 days off and are fully rested while the Nuggets played last night and are underdogs.

Jazz (Medium Streak) Jazz are 4 point favorites and play great at home. Lakers are not that great right now anyway.

Spurs (low streak) 4-0 right now so they have to be the pick as of now, i may switch to the Clippers though.

203 or more (low streak) 2 high scoring teams who like to push the ball and shoot 3's

Nov 6: Big day for our country. I think Obama wins the election, but it will be closer than many think.

Ferrer 5+ (low streak) For Federer to win in 2 sets is -350. Federer has won all 5 times they have met and dominated last match, i think he rolls.

Seligenporten (low streak) They are ranked 2nd in the league while opponents are 8th. Home teams win a lot at home in this league.

Any # of goals (low streak)

Borussia Dortmund (low streak) Borussia not a bad team at all, they should put a fight with Madrid and net a goal or two.

Schalke Win (Medium Streak) They beat Arsenal 2-0 on the road earlier in the Champion League group play, i see no difference here and they are at home now. Arsenal needs this but they play bad on the road.

Malaga W/D (Medium Streak) Malaga is the only team to not allow a goal in Champions League play. They will head into Milan and play a defensive match. This will be low scoring, i am predicting a 1-1 draw. Milan is not to be trusted as they have been very inconsistent.

Manchester City (low streak) See what the score is, if Man City is leading at half i will go Ajax. Ajax beat Man City 3-1 earlier in the CL play.

1 or fewer goals (low streak)

Trasandino (low streak)

Toledo 7+ (low streak)

67 or less (low streak)

49 or less (low streak)

Nuggets (low streak) Nuggets are one of the best home teams and the Pistons are not very good this year. 11+

Nov 5:

Volga W/D (low streak) Volga is 2nd to last in the RPL while Alania is 4th to last. Alania has only won 2 matches all season, they cannot be trusted here to win this match. Volga is a draw heavy team, they do not score many goals but really do not give up many either. They have been competitive against some of the higher placed teams. I expect them to at least draw here.

Pandurii (low streak)

AaB (low streak) They are in 3rd place in the Denmark Super League while Midtyjlland is in 10th. Midtylland is 3-6 while AaB is 8-4. This will either be a draw or a AaB win, better odds for AaB win.

2 or less goals (low streak)

West Brom (Medium Streak) They are 4-1 at home this year, a place where they actually do play very well (beat Liverpool 3-0) and don't give up many goals. Southampton has 1 win in the EPL against a hurt Aston Villa squad. West Brom should get the W here, and this is on ESPN.

Real Betis (low streak)

Yes teams level (low streak)

2 or more (Medium Streak) The Knicks shoot a lot of 3's. There will be some shot without a doubt, just a matter if they hit the shots.

Heat 4+ (low streak) The spread is 12 so technically the under is favored but the Heat are a way better team than the Suns, and they are @ home.

45 or fewer (Medium Streak) 45 yards is a long play. Odds are not strong for this to go over.

Eagles (low streak) The Saints are 3 point favorites but i think the Eagles get this as they have had so much focus over the last week. Vick will step it up and the defense won't be as bad as it was last week. Should be a great game though.

53 or more (low streak) Saints defense is bad, and this should be a passing game.

Kings (low streak) Kings home opener after a 0-3 road trip. They need this win here. Wouldn't be surprised to see the Warriors escape with a W though, this is a very talented and young team.

Jackson (low streak) Saints will be passing more but the Saints defense is just awful.

AOR (low streak) Clippers win this no doubt but ill take the 11 points with the Cavs.

Nov 4:

Newcastle (low streak)

Knicks (low streak) Knicks looked great against the Heat the other night, and they are at home

No 0 scores (low streak)

Packers 7+ (low streak)

Peyton Manning (low streak) Panthers have a terrible pass defense. I trust Manning a lot more.

21 or less (low streak) Last time they played the under one here, might be different as the Browns offense has found their strengths.

Redskins (low streak) They are -160 and 3 point favorites. I don't trust the Panthers as they have shown to make crucial mistakes at end of games. However, they are a talented team offensively and i would not be surprised if they won.

AOR-Jags (low streak) Jags have been laying better as of late. I think they lose this game but with the points they should be the obvious choice.

AOR-Browns (low streak) The Browns are a much improved team, i think they put up a fight.

Bears (HIGH STREAK) They are -180. There is a big talent difference in these teams, i just don't see the Bears losing. PICK OF THE DAY

AOR-Bengals (low streak) I think the Bengals might win this game, even though im not picking them too. AOR is a safe play.

Sau Paulo (low streak)

Palermo (low streak)

Seahawks 4+ (low streak) The Bucs showed that the Vikings are not as good as their record shows. I think they will have a tough time in Seattle with that crowd noise. Look for Ponder to have a rough day throwing the football.

Bucaneers (low streak) Raiders are 2 point favorite but im taking the Bucs because they have proved to play tough with good teams while Oakland has gotten blown out in a couple games. In other words, they are inconsistent. I think the Bucs are better coached too.

Giants (low streak) -175

AOR-Cowboys (low streak) Well some of the experts are picking the Cowboys to win this game because they basically have too. Falcons are undefeated and may not feel the urgency to come out strong from the  beginning. Romo needs to cut the mistakes if they want to win. Safe play for AOR with the 3 extra points.

Nov 3: Just picks for today:

Man United (HIGH STREAK)

Wigan (low streak)

23 or less (low streak)

AOR (low streak)

AOR (low streak) I think Mississippi St keeps this close.

AOR (Medium Streak) I have been following ISU all year and i still feel they will keep this game under 10 even though Jake Knott is out.

Man City (low streak)

27 or more (low streak)

Michigan State (Low Streak)

Pitt (low streak)

Indiana (low streak) At Indiana, they are favored in first big ten game since 2007. They are they pick.

Penn State (Medium Streak)

AOR- (Medium Streak)

35 or less (low streak)

Oregon 8+ (low streak)

Celtics (low streak)

AOR-Heat (low streak)

34 or more (low streak)

20 or less (low streak)

AOR (low streak)

Bama 9+ (low streak)

Oregon St (low streak)

UCLA (low streak)

Warriors (HIGH STREAK)

Nov 2:

Zenit 2+ (low streak) Zenit is in 2nd place while Rostov is in 14th in the Russian league. Big difference in ability here, Zenit is a Champion League team with experience. They really should have no problem with this team unless they don't start their normal players,especially at home

Silkeborg (low streak) W/D -163 Esjberg win is +120. 29% of games in this league are draws and both these teams are unpredictable/bad. The draw sways me toward Silkeborg.

Porto 2+ (low streak)

AOR-Magic (low streak)

Cavaliers (Medium Streak) Cavs at home, they looked good on Tuesday night. The Bulls are still without Rose, i cannot trust them to win on the road without their star/leader.

AOR- Rockets (low streak) I belive this Rockets team is pretty good. They probably won't win this game but with 5 points ill take them.

AOR-Trailblazers (Medium Streak) 10 point win? I am not confident in that at all. Even though the Thunder are a great team, the Blazers are not bad (beat the Lakers easily). With a lot of young talent, i  don't see them getting blown out.

Kings (low streak) This is a Timberwolves team without Love or Rubio. Kings did not look too bad against the Bulls on Tuesday. I like them here.

Cal 4+ (low streak)

52 or less (low streak)

AOR-Clippers (HIGH STREAK) PICK OF THE DAY. I think the Clippers win this game outright, the Lakers just are not playing as a team right now with not much chemistry. And Nash is out.

Warriors (low streak) This is more of a gut pick, the Grizzlies have proved themselves but the Warriors are a strong, young team. I think they will compete with the Grizzles, and pull out a close late win.

Nov 1: New month!

Valladolid (low streak) They are slightly favored to advance

Fiorentina (low streak) They are in 14th place compared to 5th by Fiorentina. The problem is that fiorentina has not won a game on the road all season. Genoa likes to draw a lot and just came off a competetive loss to AC Milan (1-0), I think the safer pick is Genoa, at home, with the draw option. AFTER seeing lineups out, i am switching to the away side. Genoa has multiple players out and odds are moving away from them.

14 or more (low streak) Eastern Michigan's defense is awful, they give up 38 points a game.

29 or less (low streak) I think this will be more of a low scoring game, neither offense is too dynamic.

VT (low streak) After more research, i am changing to VT. They are the more talented team.

21 or less (low streak)

AOR (low streak) The Chargers obviously win this game, but i think the Chiefs will battle in this game. They need this win and have got to compete or there will probably be some changes. The Chargers don't necessarily blow teams out either.

Thunder (low streak) The Thunder are a younger, more explosive team. This is their first game of the season and they will be hungry for a W. The Spurs did play the Hornets in a tough game yesterday, they may be tired. I expect the Thunder to run up and down the court, and win this game.

Galaxy 2+ (low streak) This is a playoff game so Vancouver may come out playing defensively but the Galaxy won 3-0 at home the last time they played them and simply dominated the match. I wouldn't be surprised if the same thing happened here, gotta take the Galaxy.

Oct 25:

Moscow (low streak)

1 or fewer goals (low streak)

Lyon (low streak)

Stuttgart (low streak)

Yes 1 goal (low streak)

Internazionale (low streak)

Atalanta W/D (low streak)

Chelsea (low streak)

AOR (low streak)

Raptors (low streak)

Sixers (Medium Streak)

Pistons (low streak)

Spurs 7+ (Medium Streak)

AOR -Kings (low streak)

Warriors (low streak)

Clippers (Medium Streak)

Oct 24: Start of NBA basketball! I will add write ups tomorrow morning/evening, definitely on late props (Basketball)

Avto (low streak)

Kuban (low streak)

AOR (low streak) Yes, this should be a blowout but 20 points at half alot. They are favored by 38 points. Palenga is bad.

Slovan (low streak) They are -154

Palermo W/D (low streak) Milan is very inconsistent on the road..

Arsenal (low streak) Arsenal is the safer play, but i would not be surprised at all if Reading came out at home and got a draw as this will be mostly bench players. Lineups are mostly bench players for Arsenal. They should still advance though as they have won 9 straight vs Reading in competition matches.

Dortmund (low streak)

1 or 2 goals (Medium Streak) Someone will definitely score, the question is where there be 3 goals?

46 or fewer (low streak) Leaning under as both teams might start slow

AOR (low streak) John Wall is out but i don't know if the Cavs are ready to be blowing teams out.

Rondo (low streak)

Heat by 7+ (low streak)

18+ (low streak)

Lakers 10+ (low streak) See if Kobe is actually playing.

Gasol (low streak)

Monday Oct 27:

Salavat (low streak)Torpedo is 10-5, while Salavat is 6-7. Im really not sure why Salavat is -175 to win this match. I am only taking Salavat because the odds are high, they do seem to be playing well at home.

5 or fewer (low streak) -143 for under 5.5

OFI Crete (Medium Streak) Panathiakos has just 2 wins in SuperLeague play this season, which both were against lower level teams in the division. Crete is 8th and will play well. The W/D is a solid pick

Moscow (low streak) Moscow is -455 to win this match, the tie could be huge here tho which is why this is not a confident pick.

Ceske Budejovice (low streak)

AC Horsens W/D (low streak) Copenhagen is -133 to win the match. They are 8-0 in the league. Not confident because Horsens does play a low scoring game and will look for a draw. They would be happy to draw here, and they are at home. I am switching to AC Horsens after seeing lineups, they are playing their best team while Copenhagen has a few missing players.

1 or fewer goals (low streak)

Shefield United (low streak) They are -138 and i agree with the odds. They are in 4th in the league and a win here would boost them up to second. They have only conceded 2 or more goals in one match out of eight. Portsmouth is in 15th and draw's a lot but i like United to win at home.

Valladolid (low streak) Sociedad is without some key players and have lost all 4 road games this season.

Colon (low streak)

Yes 1 goal (low streak) PUSH

Frank Gore (low streak) Gore will get his yards, the 49ers will probably double Fitzgerald and make someone else beat them. Although one big catch from Fitz would get him this prop.

49ers 7+ (low streak)

38 or less (low streak) 2 defensive teams

Any Other Score (low streak)

Out of town Sunday, no picks

Oct 26:

Arsenal 2+ (Medium Streak)

2 goals or less (low streak)

31 or more (low streak) Kansas defense is awful

AOR (low streak)

AOR (Medium Streak) I may be bias, but i think Iowa comes off that horrible loss, with their running back returning and goes into Evanston and gets a W. Will at least keep it close.

Ball State (low streak)

Indiana (Medium Streak) Almost beat Ohio State, Indiana is not a bad team and can score a lot of points.

PSG (low streak)

Palmeiras (low streak)

Milan (low streak)

AOR -UCLA (low streak)

AOR -Duke (low streak) Believe it or not, Duke is actually a decent team this year. I don't see them down by 14 at half, although FSU is a great team.

AOR (HIGH STREAK) Michigan State needs this game, they will keep it close. Wisconsin is not as good as they are said to be. Don't be surprised if Michigan State wins this outright as a couple experts believe they will. PICK OF THE DAY #2

Florida (Medium Streak)


61 or more (low streak)

Penn State (low streak) Biggest game for PSU all season, i think they win this if Miller is out.

AOR -WSU (low streak)

Texas AM (low streak)

Iowa State (low streak) Iowa State is coming off a bad loss at Ok state, this is a night game and will be a hostile environment. Look for the Cyclones to come out strong.

23 or less (low streak)

Oklahoma 11+ (low streak) I don't think Notre Dame is as good as they are talked to be, we will see today.

Nebraska (Medium Streak) I think the Nebraska defense and home field will be too much for Michigan, they have yet to prove they can go on the road and win.

Tigers (low streak)

Bama 24+ (low streak)

Oregon State (low streak) This could be an upset game so be careful, but Oregon State has gotta be the pick they have yet to be beaten.

Oct 25:

Amkar (low streak)

1 or fewer (low streak)

Kuban (low streak)

Yekaterinburg (low streak)

Varberg (low streak)

2 goals or less (low streak)

St Patricks (low streak)

Independiante W/D (low streak)

Pacers (low streak)

33 or less (low streak)

26 or less (low streak)
AOR (Medium Streak) This game should be close, although i do think Louisville will get the W, slight chance Cincinnatti wins though.

AOR (low streak) I like Air Force at home to keep this close.

Suns (low streak) Well after last night, not sure i can pick the Nuggets.

Oct 24:

Almetyevsk(low streak) VMF is 10-3 (2nd place) while Almetyevsk is 9-3 (4th place). Almetyvesk is slightly favored here and plays well at home.

Bobcats (low streak) Both them and the Bucks are 2-4. The Bobcats are at home and almost beat the Heat last night, so ill take them. The preseason is unpredictable thought.

46 or less or more (low streak) 2nd quarter usually has reserves in, check the first quarter score first to see the pace of the game.

Yes 1 goal (low streak)

Inter (low streak)

Lyon (low streak) Lyon is slightly favored at -115, the W/d is -125 for Balbao but they play bad on the road. Lyon is in 3rd place int he league and is one of the better home teams. This will either be a lyon win or a draw.

Rapid Vienna (low streak) Depends on the first half score, but the tie always is huge.

Club Brugge (low streak) Club willl be looking to keep this a defensive game. Newcastle normally doesn't score many goals anyway so i wouldn't be surprised for a 0-0 halftime score.

Liverpool (low streak)

1 or fewer goals (low streak)

Yes 1 or more goals (low streak)

No 0 scores (low streak)

AOR- Cabrera (low streak)

Tigers (low streak) Tough to go against the red hot Giants but Fister has been dominant, only giving 2ER in the postseason. Bumgarner has given up 10ER in 6 innings. The Tigers know if they lose this they are in a huge hole. I look for the Tigers to score some runs this game. They are -116. However, i would not be surprised at all if the Giants won as they have been doubted all postseason.

44 or fewer (low streak) The Bucs have the leagues third best run defense, allowing 3.1 yards per carry. The Vikings do have the seventh best running game in the league, but the Bucs will be keying on Adrian Peterson all night long and forcing Ponder to beat them. According to previews, Peterson is not predicted to have a big night.

AOR (Medium Streak) The line is 6.5 but i think the Buccaneers keep this one close. They know this is a big game for them, All 4 of Tampa Bays losses have been to great teams and by less than 7. I don't see this as a blow out. I would not be surprised at all the Buccaneers actually escaped with a win.

Nuggets (Medium Streak) Clippers had a late game and are flying out to Denver, will they be motivated to win this game? I think they will be a little tired. Take the Nuggets at home who have not played since Sunday and will be playing their main guys. I am actually confident in this for preseason.

Any Other Score (low streak)

Wednesday Oct 23: No surprise today, mostly all soccer picks.

Poland W/D (Medium Streak)

1 or fewer goals (low streak) These teams are not as high scoring as some of the others

AOR (Medium Streak) Avtomobolist is in last with 3 wins and 12 losses. Moscow has 4 wins and 9 losses. Based on previous games, these teams are very unpredictable. So it would be safer to take AOR, Avt might
even win.

2 or fewer (low streak) Anderlecht has failed to score in their first 2 Champions League games. They look to go VERY defensive, only playing one striker on the road. Zenit is -225 to win so they should net 1 or 2. I don't think Anderlecht scores on the road.

Netherlands (low streak)

AOR-Bremerhaven (low streak)

Man City (low streak) I do not see this 0-0 at the break because both defenses are not in good form right now. Man City  should net at least one, this just depends on if Ajax can net one.

Dortmund (Medium Streak) Dortmund is holding firm to that second qualification spot in the group of death as they are three points up on Man City. Dortmund needs to do their best here to get a result. Their form has been very unpredicatable so far (blowing a two goal lead to Frankfurt and then beating 'Gladbach 5-0). They have the talent on offense and defense to score at will when they want and their defense is holding up, having conceded just one goal in two Champions League games. Madrid has firm hold of this group winning their first two so they could potentially play a couple reserves.

Malaga (low streak) This is supposedly Malaga's biggest game in team history. They are in currently in first place in the group, a win would basically secure them a spot in the final 16. Milan does need a result here, especially coming off  3-2 loss to Lazio (A team much worse than them). I wouldn't be surprised to see a draw here though.

1 or fewer (low streak) Check back to see how the pace of the match is going.

Atletico GO (low streak)
Yes 1 or more goals (low streak)

23 or fewer (low streak) Line is 47 so i guess the under has a 1 point advantage but that doesn't mean much.

3 or fewer (Medium Streak) Verlander and Zito. Two great pitchers, i do not anticipate this to be a high scoring game at all. But 1 big inning would end this prop so it is risky.

Tigers (Medium Streak) Tigers are -166 and Verlander has been dominant this postseason. The Giants have won Zito's last 13 starts which does scare me a bit and the Tigers are on a week layoff so this could be a problem. I would not be surprised at all to see the Giants win this, they are riding so much momentum, are at home, are not on a layoff, and they believe. If Verlander was not on the mound, i would say Giants but how can you go against this guy, he has been absolutely dominant and carries the Tigers. Should be a great game 1 and a great World Series.

Clippers (Medium Streak) Lakers don't really play good in preseason for some reason. They are 0-6 this preseason

Tuesday Oct 23:

4 goals or more (low streak)
Lada Togliatti (low streak)
Northern Ireland (low streak)

3 goals or more (low streak) I like Benefica to win this game. This pick is tricky, Benifica's two games in the Champions league have ended 0-0 and 2-0 while Moscow's have ended 3-2 amd 3-2.  i think it will be low scoring though. Spartak is missing 2 key defenders and they are starting their 3rd string goalie, gotta take the over.

Guarani (low streak)
Slovan (low streak) Slovan is in 7th place and have been looking forward to this game. I think this will be a close game, the tie option could come into play.

Bayern (Medium Streak) Bayern is coming into Lille, a team much less talented than them, after a 1-3 loss to BATE. They are re focused and know they need to get 3 points in order to stay atop the group. Lille is 0-2 in their CL games so far, If Bayern can net one they should be good. After seeing lineups i am not as confident.

BATE W/D (low streak) BATE beat Bayern 3-1 at home, they play great at home, and beat Lille on the road. Being that they have the draw here, it is awfully tough to go against them.

Even # (low streak)

Barueri (low streak)
CRB W/D (low streak)
47 or more (low streak)
Cavs (low streak)
BAO W/D (low streak)
30 or less (low streak) These teams are very offensive, it should be a high scoring game but it would be safer to take the under. Toss up.

AOR (HIGH STREAK) Getting 4 points on what should be a pickem game. I think Arkansas State wins this game straight up.

Real Salt Lake 2+ (low streak)

Suns (low streak) This may change is Curry is back in the lineup.

Monday Oct 22:

Ural (low streak) Ural is fighting for first place in the league and have won 9 straight games while Shinnik is in 15th place. The odds favor the w/d im not sure why, they are the better team. I see little reason to not take Ural as they are clearly the better team.

2 or more goals (low streak)

Kyrlya (low streak) Volga is in 11th while Krylya is in 15th. Kyrlya has 2 wins, 3 draws, and 3 losses in their last 8 games while Volga has 7 draws on 1 loss, ZERO wins in last 8 matches. Tough to ignore that stat, ill take Kyrlya even though they are below in the table.

Dynamo Minsk (low streak)

AGF (low streak) Rangers won 2-1 earlier in the season but that was at home where they see a lot more success.

AOR (low streak) Looking at Roma they don't look too good so this could be a blowout, but the safer pick is to take them with the 10 points.

Guamares w/d (low streak) B team game so its really unpredictable. Switching after reading more previews

Sevilla (low streak) May change based on the score of first half. but they are at home and in better form. They are -154 to win

Bucks (low streak)

46 or fewer (low streak)

AOR-Beltran (low streak)

Giants (low streak) Wow, i can't even decide who to pick here. At the beginning of the series i would have taken the Cardinals without a doubt, but the Giants have played better these last 2 games. Giants have the momentum  this should be a great game though with Cain and Lohse on the mound.

Matt Forte (low streak) The Bears have covered Calvin Johnson well in their history of games. Forte will get his carries and receptions with leads me to thinking it is the safer pick. Most likely Calvin will recieve double coverage all night.

AOR (low streak) I do think the Bears find a way to win this game but i don't think it will be easy. Lions should compete and possibly have a chance to win the game at the end.

48 or more (low streak)

Matthew Stafford (low streak) May change but if they are losing i see them throwing more, and they already throw more anyway. Calvin is a deep ball threat. So is Devin Hester and Marshall though for the Bears, toss up.

Oct 21: To start out, sorry to anyone who lost a streak on Iowa. That was one of most shocking and disappointing losses in Iowa history.

0 scores (low streak)
23 or more (low streak)
Peterson (low streak)
Rodgers (low streak)
Saints (low streak)
Panthers (low streak)
AOR (HIGH STREAK) Ravens will keep this close
AOR (low streak) Rams
AOR (low streak) Redskins
Real Betis (Medium Streak)
Nautico (low streak)
Olymptique (low streak)
Yes goal (low streak)
McFadden (low streak)
AOR -jets (low streak)
47 or more (low streak)
AOR -Jags (Medium Streak)
Giants (low streak)
Dalton (low streak)
Bengals (low streak)
22 or more (low streak)

OCt 20: College football picks, i will just list my picks, they all have been fully researched.

Shake 04 W/D (low streak) Truely a complete toss up here, both teams are worthy of picking. I am simply taking Shalke because a draw here is very likely.

Manchester City (low streak) On the road, where they are not as strong but they are still favored.

30 or less (low streak)

Ohio State 11+ (low streak)

Texas AM (low streak) The safer and most reasonable pick would be LSU, but they have a horrid offense and havn't played well on the road.

AOR (HIGH STREAK) Iowa State will compete in this game and not lose by 15, they are ranked #24 and have proven to be a solid team almost beating KSU. PICK OF THE DAY #2

AOR -VT (low streak) Clemson is favored by 7.5. VT needs to win and will keep this close

Athletic Club (low streak)

GT 8+ (low streak)

Stanford (HIGH STREAK)

20 or less (low streak) the Game line is 39. I think this will be a very defensive game.

AOR -NW (low streak) I think Northwestern competes and keeps this close.

Florida (Medium Streak) Ok, well Lattimore is not starting but still playing. Still. i think Florida is the much more talented team and is at home.

Texas Tech (Medium Streak) TCU's QB Pachell is out so TCU won't have enough offensive power to compete.

AOR (HIGH STREAK) Michigan St will not get blown out, they should keep this close especially coming off a lose to Iowa. They need this game and this rivalry is always close.

Coritiba (low streak)

USC 24+ (low streak)

AOR-Tennesee (low streak) The smarter pick would be 21+ but i just dont think Bama blows out Tennessee  i could be wrong tho.

Kansas St. (low streak) WVU has a very bad defense, they won't win this game with that defense. Kollin Clein is great and i think he leads his team to victory.

40 or less (low streak)

AOR (low streak)

IOWA (HIGH STREAK) Iowa is a solid team, despite their loss to Northern Michigan i think they win the Legends division, i will be at this game too. LOCK OF THE DAY.

AOR (low streak)

AOR (low streak)

Oct 19: I will post rest of picks during the day.

Vijay (low streak)
6 strokes ( low streak)
Nords (Medium Streak) were u 5-0 last time they played.
Sligo (low streak)
Furth (low streak)
2 or more goals (low streak)
46 or more (low streak)
21 or less (low streak)
Syracuse 5+ (low streak)
No homerun (low streak)
Cardinals (low streak)
AOR-Kings (HIGH STREAK) I think the Kings win this straight up
Golden State (low streak)

Oct 18:

 Jonas Blixt (low streak) Immediately seeing this i thought Furyk, but after reading some about Blixt i gott go with him. He is simply playing the best golf of his lifetime right now and expects to play great. He placed top 3 in last weeks event, and found out he needs to move up a couple spots in order to get into the Masters (his goal). There are 2 events left so he needs to golf well this weekend. And with the tie option, he should be safe.

AOS (low streak) Both parring is best chance

AOR (low streak) SKA is in 3rd in the West while Sibir is in in second in the East. AOR is the much safer pick here but i wouldn't be surprised at all to see SKA win by 2 as they do play good at home.

AOR (low streak) 10 strokes is the most likely here especially since most golfers are birdie/par so far today.

Yankees (low streak)
4 or more (low streak) 

Las Palmas (low streak) Las Palmas has won 2 out of 3 in their recent matches. They are slightly favored.

2 or more 3pt field goals (HIGH STREAK) 6 minutes is a lot of time, especially in the NBA. You have got to think there will be plenty of 3pt shot attempts in the first 6 minutes. I would be surprised if they don't hit at least 2.

Sau Paulo (low streak)

AOR (low streak)

Cardinals (Medium Streak) Giants need to win this as they can't afford to drop down 1-3. This is Lincecums first start in this postseason, he has only made 4 relief appearances and did look solid. He posted a 6.43 ERA on the road this season, i think this is the best chance for the Cardinals to score a bunch of runs and really put this series in their favor.

Yes 1 or more scores (low streak) These are two defensive teams so 0 scores is actually probably slightly favored, but 7 minutes is a long time. I'll go yes, but don't touch this with any streak.

49ers 8+ (Medium Streak) The 49er's are 7.5 favorites and are coming off an embarrassing loss to the Giants. They are at home, and will come out making a statement. I think they win by 10. Experts think they are the best team in the league; they need to come out and prove it, this is their time to bounce back.

35 or more (low streak) Not too sure here, obviously Oregon's offense is tough to stop and ASU ranks 17th in points scored. Stats point to over.

AOR-ASU (low streak) The line has moved down to 8. Why? Well because Oregon has not been put in a tough environment yet and this is Arizona State's biggest game of the season. Their crowd will be live, reviews have states that they think this game will be closer than expected. Weird things do happen on Thursday night college games also, the 9 points is tempting to take.

19 or less (low streak) 3 touchdowns is all this takes. I like the over, check to see if it is a defensive game in first half.. Switching to 19 or less based on the first half, all defense

57 or less (HIGH STREAK) Not many times do you see a 58+ touchdown, and this is only one half prop. Basically this means a kick return or deep touchdown pass. Both these offenses are strong, but this happening is very unlikely. PICK OF THE DAY

OCt 17:

Avangard 2+ (low streak) I dont know much about the KHL but based on past results Avangard is the better team and has won a lot of games by 2+

Poland W/D (low streak) England is the better team here no doubt, but Poland at home is a good pick. I think they at least draw here as they need this game to qualify.

CSKA (low streak) CSKA is in 4th in the West, while Bars is in 3rd in the East. The West is a tougher conference according to reviews. Once again, KHL is very unpredictable but CSKA is the hotter team right now and they have some key players (Radulov, Grigorgrenko, Datsuyk, and Bryzgalof)

Brynas (low streak) This is only a first period prop, Brynas is the better team.

Oldenburg (low streak)

No 0 goals (low streak)

4 or more runs (low streak) These offenses have actually been scoring a lot. Cain gave up 3er in 5 innings both starts against the Reds. Lohse gave up 1 and 2er in his 2 starts. This is a toss up.

Cardinals (Medium Streak) Returning back to St. Louis the Cardinals will be ready to play behind their home crowd. Lohse has been outstanding so far in the postseason, while Cain has been decent and has a 4.94 era against the Cardinals.

Nautico (low streak)

Yes 1 or more 3 pts (Medium Streak)

AOR -Cabrera (low streak) CC on the mound

Yankees (low streak) CC is a big game pitcher and they are facing elimination. I just don't see them getting swept, although it very well could happen because the Yankees lineup is dead. They NEED to come alive or this series will be over.

No 0 homeruns (low streak) Tough to say a homerun will be hit when both offenses arne't really putting up great numbers and 2 good pitchers are on the mound.

Real Salt Lake (low streak) They are one of the best home teams in the MLS with a 10-1-4 record but i need to see lineups to make pick official. After seeing lineups im switching to RSL.

AOR-Jazz (low streak) Jazz have been playing pretty good this preseason so with 5 points ill take them.

Oct 16: A lot more Soccer today, no surprise.

Slovakia W/D (low streak) Norway would be the safe pick here, but Slovakia has been playing great lately. If they can manage to score 2 goals this should be a draw. Also, Norway still wins the group with a draw so if this is tied late- they will play defense and not look for the win.
Iraq W/D (low streak) The home team has won 6 out 7 matches between these teams. Both teams are at 2 points from 3 games. I am predicting a low scoring draw.
Yes 1+ goal(low streak) Russia is favored to win by 3-4 goals.
AOR (low streak) Dynamo is first in the Western Conference while Novos is in second in the Eastern. Novosibirks has not lost by 2+ on the road ALL of this season, so i will take them. AOR
Spain leading (Medium Streak) won 3-0 at halftime a week ago against same team, this is U21.
Romania (low streak)
Germany 2+ (low streak)
AOR-France (Medium Streak) After seeing the lineups, some key players for Spain are not starting
Honduras (low streak)
Atlanta Hawks (low streak) NBA preseason, tough to predict.
USA (low streak) USA needs to win this to guarantee a spot in the World Cup.
4 or more (low streak) This is tough because Verlander is on the mound and the Yankees offense has been awful this series. I think the Yankees find a way to score at least 1-2 runs in the first 5 innings, same with Detroit.
Jazz (low streak) The Lakers have not won a game this preseason, all loses by blowouts.
No 0 runs (low streak) If Verlander is out this may change.

Oct 15: I don't know much about the morning soccer/basketball props. Little research was put into my picks for those.

Sweden (low streak)
Slovakia (low streak) They are down 0-2 and need goals in this 2nd leg
AOR- Bayern (low streak)
AOR (low streak)
Sienna 4+ (low streak)
47 or fewer (low streak) 2 defensive teams but who knows
AOR- Beltran (low streak)
Cardinals (low streak) Carpenter is a big game pitcher, 10-2 in postseason games. The Cardinals look a lot like they did last year when the won the World Series. Giants have not won a home postseason game yet this year. (0-4)
Manning (low streak)
Broncos (low streak) Denver needs a win here, it won't be easy though. I like Manning and his offense more than the Charger's offense. Chargers are 2 points favorites but i don't think they win this.
48 or more (medium streak) 2 high powering offenses, take the over.
Kings (Medium Streak) Although this is preseason, the Kings are favored by 5 points and have a better team
AOP (low streak)

Oct 12: Horrible way to end last night, Steelers played awful. A lot of soccer picks today
2 or fewer (low streak)
34 or more (low streak)
Yes teams level (low streak) I think this will be 0-0
Germany (low streak)
Italy 2+ (low streak)
5 or fewer (low streak)
France (low streak)
Chile W/D (low streak)
Yankees (low streak) CC has a 3.19 ERA and is 6-1 in 11 postseason starts as a Yankee. Hammel has pitched against the Yankees already 5 times this year, i think they will be ready for him.
44 or more (low streak)
30 or less (low streak)
Navy (low streak) Navy is coming off a good win vs Air Force. Central Michigan has lost 2 in a row after beating Iowa in Iowa City. CMU is a 2 point favorite but i think Navy will be able to dominate the run game as CMU is 114th in rush defense. Toss up, but i like Navy.
Nats (low streak) Another game 5. Gonzalez has not allowed a home run in 23 innings. Yes he was wild in game 1, but i don't see that happening again. The Cardinals experience could come into play for this game but i like the Nats to get it done at home.
Honduras W/D (low streak)
Trail Blazers (low streak) Suns without Nash and the Trail Blazers beat the Lakers

Oct 11: I am riding a w10 right now, trying to find some good picks today.

Ernie Else (low streak) Ernie is without a doubt the better golfer here. With this being only a 6 hole prop and Curtis having the tie option it could go either way.

AOS (low streak) Par 3. I like them both to par.

3 or less (low streak) Cain vs Latos in what should be a good matchup. This could go either way. 5 innings means a lot of chances for runs but i think this will be a defensive game.

Giants (low streak) I don't think they lose 3 in a row at home, something they havn't done ALL year. LAtos has been great against the Giants in 11 starts posting a 2.19 ERA. He allowed 1 run on 4 hits in relief of Cueto in game 1 and threw a complete game in his last start against the Giants. SWITCHING TO GIANTS (Gut feeling)

7 or 9 strokes (low streak)

4 or less (low streak) I am going against the odds here. Lohse has been great for the Cardinals and Detwiler is good at home. Unlike last game, i think this is more of a pitching battle.

No 0 scores (low streak)

Yes 1+ run (low streak)

Yankees (low streak)

Yes 1+ homerun (low streak)

139 or fewer (low streak) This is only the first half. I think the Steelers look to run the ball more with Mendenhall back. The Titans defense allowed a lot of passing yards to Ponder last week so this could easily go over.

Steelers 7+ (low streak) The line here is only 5. Why? I'm not quite sure. The Titans looked awful last week and without Jake Locker their offense is only going to be worse. I like the Steelers to take this by a touchdown.

43 or less (low streak)

Arizona State up 14+ (low streak) Well 14 is a lot to be up at the half but looking at Colorado's team is bad. They are 1-4 losing to Colorado St, Sacramento St, Fresno St. and UCLA.

Athletics (low streak) Verlander is on the mound for the Tigers but after what happened last night, i think the A's come out and finally find a way to score some runs off Verlander. Tough to go against the best pitcher in the league here but my gut tells me their is magic in Oakland.

38 or fewer (low streak)

Oct 10: Once again, not to many solid picks to choose from today

Slovenia W/D (low streak) Russia is barely favored at (-118) while the W/D is -125. To be honest, i can't find any good previews for this match. It does look like Russia has played better opponents in their qualification process but i could see this ending in a draw also. Home teams usually play better in U19, i wouldn't risk any decent streak on this.

6 or more (low streak) These teams are high scoring teams. Line is 5.5.

5 or more (low streak) Toss up here. Carpenter has great postseason number. Jackson has gotten roughed up a couple times in his starts towards the end of the year.

Cardinals (low streak) Carpenter has only thrown 17 innings all year so he could get hit in this game. He has also been one of the best postseason pitchers. I just think the Cardinals experience last year will help them win this game but it is a toss up.

Northern Ireland (low streak)

Derry City (low streak) This is the 2nd leg of the match. They drew 1-1 on Sunday at Derry City. If they draw again in regular time, this will go to overtime then PK's to determine who moves on to the championship. Derry City has lost their last 3 road matches. This can really go either way. I'll take Derry because they have better results.

4 or more runs (low streak) This will be Zito vs Leake or Latos. I think the safe pick is 4 or more as one team could have a big inning, but as we saw yesterday a low scoring game is very likely.

Giants (Medium Streak) The Giants have won Zito's last 11 starts. The Reds don't even know who their starter is yet, i think the Giants find a way to get this series to game 5.

Santos W/D (low streak)

AOR (low streak) Jets is 2/6 against Gonzalez

AOR (low streak) Yankees are -175 right now but i am not even confident they win this game so i like AOR.

Vasco De Gama (low streak)

Athletics (low streak) The Tigers did bomb Griffin at the end of the regular season but i don't see that happening again. They have won 6 of 7 starts from Griffin. The Athletics play great at home and really feed off of their home crowd. Scherzer is 11-2 in his last 15 starts so i wouldn't be surprised if he throws a gem and gets the Tigers to the next round, but i am predicting the A's win.

Thunder leading (Medium Streak)

AOR- Trail Blazers (low streak) Summer ball but no Dwight Howard for the Lakers

Oct 9: Not to many solid picks today in my mind

AOR (low streak)Tom Tosk-2nd Torpedo Moscow-11th. Torpedo Moscow has lost ONCE in league play in their last 10 games by 2+. Tom Tosk has won TWICE in last 10 games by 2+.

Voronezh (low streak)

No 0 goals (low streak)

Newfport (low streak)

Dartford (low streak)

Forest Green (low streak) If Tamworth is losing at half i would take them, otherwise Forest Green because i think they win this match (-163)

4 or fewer (low streak) Bailey has not allowed a run in last 13 innings and Voglesong has high capability to shut down the Refs offense

Reds (low streak) Again, Bailey throwing good and the Giants looked awful at home, maybe they will turn it around as they are facing elimination here.

47 or fewer (low streak) Summer ball? No research can be put into this. Taking the under with 48 in first quarter and backups coming in

5 or fewer (Medium Streak) 18 outs, that would mean 1 batter every half inning. I dont see that happening.

Athletics (low streak) They are facing elimination and play great at home. The crowd will be behind them, i actually think this series will come down to game 5.

No 0 homeruns (low streak) Might switch depending on who is pitching

Another week, another chance.

Energiya (low streak) Energiya is 6-5-2 in league play and is in 3rd place of 17 teams. They are 1-4-1 away from home with a +0 goal differential. Khimki is 1-4-8 in league and is in 17th place of 17 teams. They are a lowly 0-1-4 at home with a goal differential of -5. They have scored a measly 3 goals at home in 5 matches while allowing 8. Khimki with the draw is at -150 while Energiya to win outright is +100. However, Energiya is the better team i like them here.

FC Brasov (HIGH STREAK) Brasov is unbeaten in last 3 matches, winning 2 of them. They have only lost 1 game at home in which they got 2 red cards (only lost 1-2) IASI is at the bottom of the league and were 0-2-8 before winning last week to get out of last place. Confident here PICK OF THE DAY

Brage (low streak) Brage is in 8th place while Umea is in 15th. Umea has scored 1 goal in their last 3 matches. They are missing a few players also, i could see this a 0-0 draw at half time because neither team scores much but i gotta go with the home team and the team who is in better form.

Landskrona (low streak) Landskrona is in 7th while Trelleborg is in 14th place. Trelleborg got blown out 4-1 and 5-0 their last 2 matches so it doesn't appear they are playing to well.

2 or more goals (low streak) Check back, see how the first half is being played.

Yes 1 or more goals (low streak)

4 or more runs (low streak)

Cardinals (low streak) Cardinals must win this game as they cannot afford to drop 2 games. Zimmerman has had a bad history against the Cardinals with a 9.12 ERA. Garcia has a 2,92 ERA this year at home. Not confident because the Nats are the better team, and i think they will make it to the World Series.

AOR-Alex Rodriguez (low streak) Arod was 0-4 with 3k's and 1 BB in game 1. Chen is not good so i think AOR is safer as he should at least make contact. I think he gets a hit or makes an out, ill take the safer which is aor

AOR-Orioles (low streak) I think the Yankees win this game. Pettite is way better than Chen in my mind. Yankees are producing a lot of runs but it is at Baltimore so AOR is probably safer. Does Baltimore have any magic left in them?

2nd Quarter (Medium Streak) The first quarter will probable be more about field position. I think both teams will try to open it up in the second quarter and there is always that drive to end the half that gets points.

Texans by 10 (low streak) The line is 9. I am not to confident here like most people because the Jets really do need a win, or at least compete here. Sanchez was given a lot of criticism my the media and people in New York. He needs to bounce back and have a good game or the Jets might be giving Tebow a shot to perform. The Texans have a great defense and a well rounded offense. I like them here.

40 or less (low streak) 2 great defenses and the Jets offense is not very good. I could see this game being mostly about field position.

Yes 1 or more touchdowns (low streak)

Oct 7:

Newcastle W/D (low streak) Manchester United is coming off a loss to Totenhamm. They are leading the league in goals scored, however injuries have created problems in their defense. Newcaslte is currently 19th in the standings. Demba Ba has been outstanding for Newcastle, leading the league in goals. Last January Newcastle won this matchup 3-0 at home. Newcastle typically plays well at home, i like them with the draw option.

Borrusia Dortmund (low streak)

Tigers (low streak) Tommy Milone for the A's has a 4. 83 road ERA. Last time he visited Detroit he only threw 4 innings, giving up 9 hits. Fister has a 3.45 ERA and has pitched better at home. I wouldn't risk any high streak on this because the A's need this win as they don't want to get down 2 games.

No 0 scores (low streak)

146 or more (low streak) Rodgers has been facing some tough defenses in his first 4 games, making his stats a little lower. The weak Colts secondary will allow Rodgers to put up some yards. This prop all depends on how much the Packers decide to run the ball and whether the Colts can muster up some long drives on offense, determining how many attempts Rodgers gets in the first half.

AOR -Browns (low streak) The Giants are favored by 9 points for the whole game. The Browns will be giving everything they got here as they cannot afford to start 0-5. I think they keep it close in the first half.

21 or less (low streak) 2 great defenses here which makes me think this game will be low scoring.

Redskins (low streak) The Falcons are due for a loss in my mind. I think this will be a high scoring game where RGIII will make some key plays in the second half. Atlanta has not won 3 straight road games to open the season since 1986 (over 20 years).

52 or more (low streak)

AOR -Eagles (low streak) Steelers are coming off their bye week with Mendenhall back on the field. I think they win this game but i do think it will be close as the Eagles have been in very close games. A late field goal could be the difference here.

Ravens 7+ (low streak) Spread is 6 here. If Kansas City plays like they did last week, i see no way they keep it close here. The Ravens defense will force Cassel into turnovers. And the Chiefs defense has looked awful. The Chiefs will have to play a lot better to compete.

Real Madrid W/D (low streak) Hard to predict this without seeing the matchups so check them out. Barcelona is favored at -120 but i could see this being a draw.

Udinese (low streak)

Nationals (low streak) The Cardinals are actually favored here at -109 but i think the Nats win. Gonzalez is on the mound who has been outstanding this year with a 21-8 record. I wouldn't touch this though as we have seen anything can happen in postseason baseball, and the Cardinals success last year.

21 or more (low streak)

Panthers (Medium Streak) Cam Newton will be looking to get back on track and get a W here at home. Seattle They should have won last week at the Falcons. Seattle's defense is much tougher at home with that crowd.

43 or less or more (low streak)

Bears 6+ (low streak) Chicago is simply the better team.

49ers 7+ (low streak) Tough one here, they are favored to win by 10. I really like the 49ers defense, especially at home. They should get some turnovers form Fitzpatrick.

Tom Brady (low streak)  First half passing yards this year: Manning-563 Brady- 55...The Patriots are going to be throwing more i would think and after the way Brady threw int he second half last week against the Bills i will take him

AOR (HIGH STREAK) The Patriots are 7 point favorites, i think it is too much. The Broncos with Peyton Manning and a better defense will keep this close. I think this will be a 2-5 point game for whoever wins (I picked Patriots). The Broncos lost by 6 to the Texans and 6 to the Falcons. Both teams need a W.

AOR-Titans (low streak) Going with my gut here, Titans will have veteran Matt Hasselbeck starting in this game. The Titans are last in stopping the run but i have a feeling they keep it close as they need a win.

AOR -Orioles CC Sabathia is on the mound. Baltimore is hot right now, coming off a great win at Texas. The home crowd will be great, which the Orioles should feed off of. Don't be surprised if they win this game outright. -130 to not lose by 2

Dallas (low streak) Chivas is the worst team in the MLS

Drew Brees (low streak) Will be throwing the ball more and probably down field more.

AOR -(Medium Streak) Saints by 5? I don't think they will even win this game but they need the win so i wouldn't be surprised if they covered this.

53 or more (low streak) 2 high powering offenses in which i see will be a lot of throwing the ball.

Reds (low streak) Arroyo has been better than Bumgarner. I trust the Reds hitting more and bullpen.

Any Other Position or no TD (low streak) Predicting a WR gets this

Oct 6: Sorry i woke up extremely late so i will continue tomorrow with writeups

Oct 5:

7 or 9 (low streak) I normally take 7 or 9 just because a birdie or bogey is likely to happen, but both paring is also likely on par 4's.

Terek Grozny (low streak)

Trabzanspor (low streak)

Sligo (low streak)

3 goals or more (low streak)

7 or 9 (low streak)

3 or fewer (Medium Streak) Medlen and Lohse on the mound. 2 solid pitchers. I think Medlen will only give up 1-2 runs the whole game.

Braves (HIGH STREAK) Braves have won 23 starts in a row by Medlen and he has a 1.76 ERA at home. LOCK OF THE DAY

Syracuse (low streak)

28 or less (low streak)

4 or less k's (low streak)

Texas 2+ (low streak) Joe Saunders is pitching for the Orioles. I think the Rangers score a bunch of runs off him and win big.


47 or more (low streak)

Oct 4: This has been a pretty bad week, not a lot of strong picks. Just a bunch of unpredictable soccer props. I will add write ups on the night props later on throughout the day.

John Daly (low streak) 6 hole golf prop? Gotta take the golfer with the tie

Inter Milan (low streak) Inter Milan is favored here so ill go with them to net an early goal.

Levante (low streak) They usually play close games and have a great defense

Tottenham (low streak)

Videoton or tie (low streak) check back at half time, gotta see the score and how the first half was being played. SWITCHING TO LISBON, THEY ARE DOWN 3-0 AT HALF AND NEED GOALS.

Udinese (low streak) Halftime prop, ill take the draw here as they won't be pushing up field to much in the first half

PSV (low streak) They are at home and the odds slightly favor them. Generally they play well at home.

2 or more goals (low streak) Once again, check back to see at half.

No 0 scores (low streak) 6 minutes is about 2/3 possessions. Generally games start out slow. The o/u is 58 points so this should be high scoring but no is the safe pick in my opinion.

AOR-ECU (low streak)

Any Other Score or no score (low streak)

Rams (low streak) LOCK OF THE DAY. You may be thinking i am crazy for this, but i know the Rams are a better team. They play great at home and need this win. Jeff Fisher will have his team well prepared for this game.
Cardinals key statistics:Passing Yards - 25th
Rushing Yards - 29th
OPP Passing Yards - 21st
OPP Rushing Yards - 15th
39 or lower (low streak) Both teams have great defenses and decent offenses.

142 or fewer passing yard (low streak)

AOR -Utah (low streak) Utah will be fired up for this game, they lost by 11 last year. I just dont feel comfortable taking a team on the road by 15. I know USC is a top 5 team but anything can happen.

44 or fewer (Medium Streak)

Oct 3:

Inter Turku (low streak)

Zenit (low streak)

AOR -Heyward (low streak)

Nats leading or tied (low streak) The Nats need to win this to get first in the NL. Jackson has been bad his last 4 starts but i think he turns it around today as this is actually a big game. C Lee is on the mound for the Phillies so take with risk.

Real Madrid (low streak) I think they win this game so ill take them to net 1 int he first half.

Manchester City (low streak) Borussia lost all 3 of their road champion games last year. Man City has gotta rebound from a loss to Real Madrid, if they don't win this game they probably won't be advancing in the Champions League.

Athletics (low streak) Rangers have been playing poorly. Where have their bats been? Griffin is pitching for the Athletics and their fans will be as fired up as they have ever been. I like the A's to win, sweep, and take the Division.

2 or more goals (low streak) See how the first half is played, if Arsenal is up big then i may switch to 1 or less. Staying at 2+

AOR-Mets (low streak) Hefner has not been too bad for Mets this season but who knows, this game all depends on which team wants to try and end their season with a W

No 0 hits (low streak) Weaver is on the mound for the Angels

Yankees 2+ (low streak) The Yankees win this game, will they get the insurance run?

Orioles (low streak) They NEED this win to take the division with a Yankee loss, or they are in the wild card. Look for the Rays to try and spoil the Orioles hopes though so i don't like this with a high streak.

4 or more k's (low streak) Kershaw is a strikeout pitcher

AOR-Royals (Medium Streak) Le Marte is starting for the Tigers in a meaningless game, i like the Royals to even win

Reds (Medium Streak) Cardinals are in the playoffs, they do not need to win this game while the Reds do.

Philidalphia Union (low streak) -167 while the Fire are +110.

Chivas USA (low streak) -175

Sept 2:

Any other # of goals (low streak) No research points to anything here, im just taking the safer pick in my opinion. Even # goals in first half is slightly favored and the draw is favored in the first half which can only be 1-1 or 0-0 but 1 goal is very likely.

Spartak Moscow (low streak) Spartak is coming off a impressive performance at Barcelona, and almost winning that game. They are better than this over matched Celtic team, i think Spartak nets one to take a 1-0 lead at half, maybe even 2-0

No 0 goals (low streak) This league tends to be more low scoring

Trelleborg (Medium Streak) They are -250 to be winning or tied at half. They are barely underdogs to even lose this game. Being at home and having the draw is always great to take. However, Brommajopkarna has been winning at half on some of their road games so be cautious.

Benefica winning or tied (low streak) They are -150. Barcelona was loosing to Moscow at the half in their previous game which is also why i am taking Benefica but if Barcalona comes out attacking then they could take a lead into half, not confident because i think Barcalona will win this match.

Bayern Munich 2+ (Medium Streak) They are -300 to win this match which is basically a lock. They are one of the top teams in all of soccer, while BATE has shown tough times with top teams. They lost to BArca 4-0 and 5-0.

2 or less (low streak) More than 2 goals is +300 here. Lille only score once against BATE and don't core much in champions league play. Valencia will most likely net 1 or 2.

Pirates (low streak) After seeing th elineups, Braves are resting some players

AOR -Red Sox (low streak)

Mets (low streak)

Orioles (low streak) Well, the Rays gave it a great shot. They were eliminated from the playoffs after Oakland Beat the Rangers. I don't know if they will be even motivated for this game anymore and Baltimore needs this game for the division title.

No 0 runs (low streak)

AOR- Royals (low streak) The Tigers already wrapped up the division and don't have much to play for here.  Guthrie has thrown great against the Tigers all of this year (3 times) and wants his last start of the year to be great.

Reds (low streak) The Cardinals are 2 up on the wild card. I just don't see the Reds getting beat again when they still are playing for home field advantage.

H,W,S -Nelson (low streak)

Rangers (low streak) The Athletics just wrapped up the wild card and are now 2 back from the Rangers. The Rangers have their ace on the mound while the A's have Blackley who has been very shaky at times. Rangers have played too good this season to blow the division title here.

Mariners (low streak) The Angels were eliminated from the playoffs and probably won't be motivated for this game anymore, i think Seattle gets this.

Giants (low streak) Tough here, the Dodgers needs this or they are officially eliminated. The Giants have won Zito's last 10 starts but the Dodgers need this one for a playoff hope. -180 also

FINALLY the new month has arrived. I am going to be back at STFC too this month after taking September off. Lets try and get the chat talking about picks and good luck to everyone!

Oct 1:
Kryla Sovetov (low streak) They are at home. Both teams have a 3-2-4 record, but the difference is their home/road splits. Krasnodar has given up 10 goals in 4 games on the road this year while Krylsa has played a very tough schedule and drew the 4th place team 1-1. I like them here.

Haka (low streak) Home team with the draw option is tough to pass up, i could see HJK scoring a early goal in the first half though they are definitely the better team right now.

Sivasspor low streak) They are -188 at the half. Besiktas is only +120 so ill go with the draw here.

Yes 1 or more goals (low streak)

QPR (low streak) QPR has a great keeper now in Cesar. WHU hasn't scored a goal on the road this season and QPR needs to win these home games if they want to save their spot in the league (relegation).

2 or less goals (low streak) Cesar is the new goalie and WHU hasn't scored on the road yet.

3 or fewer strikeouts (low streak)

No 0 homeruns (low streak) Both offenses aren't that strong. Pitchers are Maholm and Locke. Locke has given up 6 homeruns in 5 games so if there is to be one, the Braves will hit it.

Rays (Medium Streak) Simple as this, the Rays HAVE to win or their season is over with. They need to sweep the Orioles. Chen has been shaky this season and is 0-3 in his last 3 starts. Cobb has been roughed up a bit by the Orioles but i think he gets the job done and the Rays win. The have won 10 out of 11 also.

Tigers (low streak) They are now 3 up on the Sox. Porcello has not won a game in 9 starts while Chen has shut out the Tigers earlier this season. Toss up here totally depends which Porcello shows up.

AOR (low streak)

Reds (low streak) Reds are still battling for home advantage in the playoffs.

Tony Romo(low streak) Bears have allowed the least fantasy points to quarterbacks this season but they also run the ball more and Forte is back in the backfield

AOR (Medium Streak) The Cowboys are at home with a 3 point spread but i actually picked the Bears to win this game outright.

42 or less (low streak) The line is 41.5

No 0 hits (low streak)

Athletics (HIGH STREAK) They need to win this game and the series. Parker is their ace while Perez is the Rangers worst starter.

Angels (low streak) Well this is tough, the Angels are in the playoff race and need to keep winning being 3 down from the wild card. They know if they lose, their season is over. Felix has been pitching pretty bad lately, he isn't too focused.

Dodgers (low streak) Dodgers are 2 back from the wildcard and need to win. Cain is on the mound vs Harang who is 4-1 in his last 5 starts against the Dodgers. Simply put it they are playing for more and know if they lose they won't be in the postseason.

Austin + Witten (low streak)

Sept 31:

2 or less
No Score
125 or fewer
Texans by 8+ the full game line is -12
25  or less
AOR I actually picked the Bills to win this game in an upset
Rams Seahawks are coming off a big Monday night win and have to travel far for this one. I like the Rams.
49ers 5 or more
No 0 homeruns
RM 3+
3 or fewer
Sport Recife
21 or fewer
Padres (Medium Streak)
Packers by 8 or more
Buccaneers (Medium Streak)
Yes TD
48 or more
42 or fewer (Medium Streak)

Write ups will resume Sunday

12-5 yesterday. Hopefully today will bring some people to some high streaks. Sept 28:

Poulter/Rose (low streak): Tiger and Strickers are slightly favored at +100. With the draw option here i would take Rose and Poulter especially in 9 holes but not confident.

Esjberg (low streak) Esjberg has won their last 2 matches and are playing better right now. Nordsjaelland has lost 2 and drew 1 of their last 3 games.

Fortuna Dusseldorf (low streak) Shalke is -110 to win while the w/d is -125 for FD. They havn't conceded a goal in 6 official matches this season.

Vitoria Guimaraes (HIGH STREAK) -175 to W/D. Braga has a champions league match soon so they will not be expected to play all their starters. They are 6-4-1 against Braga in last 11 matches. Home team in this league doesn't lose very much. I wouldn't be surprised to see Vitoria win this match outright. PICK OF THE DAY

Pirates (low streak) Homer Bailey is 6-0 at PNC Park and the Reds are still battling for playoff seeding. The Pirates have lost Burnett's 6 out of 7 starts. However, i am picking the Pirates based on gut feeling even though the stats don't point to them. Burnett want's his last start at home to be a great one and he has had great success this season against the Reds. Simply a gut pick here.

Yankees 2+ (Medium Streak) Yankees lost to the Blue Jays yesterday, they should come out and score a lot of runs against Chad Jenkins who has not been pitching very good. Yankees are -205

3 or fewer strikeouts (low streak)

AOR (low streak) The line is -16. Hawaii is horrible and doesn't play well on the mainland. I can see this also be a low out and BYU leading +20 at the half.

50 or more (low streak)

Angels (low streak) Weaver on the mound in a must win game for the Angels.

White Sox (low streak) Toughest pick of the day, stay away. White Sox need a win but the Rays have won 8 in a row. Who knows?

AOR- Twins (low streak) Smyly has lost his last 4 starts while Diamons just beat the Tigers a week ago 10-4.

No 0 homeruns (Medium Streak) 2 solid pitchers.

AOR -Rizzo (low streak)

Padres (low streak)

AOR-Mariners (low streak) -130 to not lose by 2+. In Beavan's last 10 starts for Seattle they have only lost by 2+ 2 times while Griffin has struggled his last 2 outings.

AOR-Rockies (low streak) Kershaw is on the mound vs Jeff Francis. Francis has pitched decent in his first 2 starts against the Dodgers, one of them being a 10-0 victory. No doubt the Dodgers win this with their ace on the mound but i cant pick them to win 3+, although they very well could.

Sept 27: I will add write-ups in the morning

Anzhi 2+ (low streak)

No 0 goals (low streak)

Brewers (Medium Streak)

Detroit 2+(low streak)

Rangers 2+ (Medium Streak) Matt Harrison vs Blackley. Texas is -200 to win. Harrison has given up 2er in his last 2 starts while Blackley has been coming out of the bullpen. I think the Rangers score a lot of runs today and blow out the A's

Bologna (low streak)

Giants (HIGH STREAK) PICK OF THE DAY. Giants have won Zito's last 9 starts. Thats all i need to say here.
12-5 yesterd
Nationals (low streak) Gonzalez has given up 3er his last 5 starts while Cloyd doesn't go deep in ball games at all. The fact here is the Nats are the better team and have their ace on the mound. Low streak because the Phillies are at home and need this W.

Rays (low streak) The White Sox have lost 2 in a row which is why this is a low streak. They need to win here but James Shields has been pitching great and the Rays still are not out of the race.

No scores (low streak) First 6 minutes if basically the first 2 possessions. I could see the Ravens scoring their first drive but no the Browns.

0 Touchdowns (low streak)

AOR-Browns (low streak) The spread is 12. This could go either way so i wouldn't pick this. The Browns need a win, i can see the Ravens coming out slow or lighting up the scoreboard.

43 or less (Medium Streak) Ravens =great defense. If they get up big their will be a heavy dose of Rice.

Stanford 7+(low streak) Spread is 8. Stanford is the better team here with a great defense. The only thing i worry about here is this is Stanford's quarterbacks first road test of his career. We will see what he can do up in Seattle where it will be a hostile environment.

49 or less (low streak) Stanford has a great defense, not much to predict here.

Dodgers (low streak) They finally put up runs last night, i think they do so again against Casey Kelly who hasn't been very productive.

42 yards or more (low streak) Tucker is a great kickers, could see him hitting one deep.

Sept 26: I will put up write ups tomorrow

Khimiki (low streak)

Brommapojkarna (low streak)

Nurnburg (low streak)

Milan (Medium Streak)

Napoli (low streak) They play great at home

2 or more (low streak) Check back around halftime. SCORED 2 IN FIRST HALF

3 goals or more (low streak)

Padres (Medium Streak)

AOR-Royals (low streak) +130 for Tigers to win 2+ and Guthrie has been pretty good

H,W,S- Harper

Rays (low streak)

Brewers (medium streak)

Athletics (low streak)

Yes 1+ hit (low streak)

White Sox 2+ (low streak)

Yes 1+ HR (low streak) Over under is 10.5 runs so more than a run/inning.

Mariners (low streak) Felix on the mound

Giants (low streak)

What a day yesterday with an incredible ending to the MNF game. Not to many strong picks today in my opinion. Tuesday Sept 25:

Terek Grozny (low streak)

Spezia W/D (low streak)

Mainz 05 (Medium Streak) -138 to be w/tied at half while Shalke is +100 to be winning. They have onlly been winning one game at the half this season.

Eintracht Frankfurt W/D (low streak) Tough matchup here between two top teams in the league. Dortmund just got upset on Saturday, losing their first game in 31 games. Frankfurt has won all 4 of their games this season. The draw may be huge here so i'll go with Frankfurt.

Juventus (low streak)

2 or more goals (low streak)

No 0 runs (low streak)

AOR (low streak)

AOR -Royals (low streak)

David Price (low streak)

Brewers (low streak)

AOR-Astors (low streak)

AOR -Athletics (Medium Streak)

Yes 1+ hits (low streak) Phil Hughes on the mound for NYY

Yes 1+ homerun (low streak) Rusin and De Rosa throwing here, both bad pitchers with high ERA and are both prone to allow homeruns.

Padres (Medium Streak) The Dodgers are not good, i am pretty confident here

Angels 2+ (low streak)

Streak It Up Picks:

Monday Sept 24:

Alania W/D (low streak) Alania is 13th in the Russia League right now while Anzhi is 3rd. Alania at home has won 2, drew 1, and lost 1. Anzhi on the road has won 1, drew 1, and lost 1. Anzhi does not play well on the road, they have not won many road games in past seasons.This same match took place a month ago and it ended 0-0. Russian soccer is tough to predict so ill go with the home team who also has the draw option.

AOR (low streak) Braun has 6 hits in his last 10 at bats, he is hitting the ball very well right now. He doesn't strike out much or even walk much so im throwing those out. Zimmerman has been pitching well so ill take AOR.

Brewers (Medium Streak) 5 inning prop here, Brewers have the tie option. Estrada has given up 5 er in his last 30 innings for the Brewers. They are on fire right now and are making a late playoff push. They need to win. I like the Brewers here.

Halmstad (low streak)

Huddersfield (low streak) They are -168 to be winning or tied at half. They haven't lost in their last 6 matches so i think this will be close

Orioles 2+ (low streak) Johnson is on the mound, last time he pitched against Toronto he gave up 2er in route to a 8-2 win but this is his first start since August 25th. Alvarez has actually been throwing decent for Toronto but i trust the O's more right now especially since they are in a tight race and need to sweep the Blue Jays. They are -189 to win.

Estudiantes(low streak) After seeing the lineups i am taking Estudiantes at home.

3 or fewer (low streak)

Mets (low streak) Who knows here, the Mets have won 3 in a row after their manager called them out and are -112 but Mejia is on the mound.  The Pirates are going downhill.


147 or fewer (HIGH STREAK) The Seahawks do have a tough defense and their crowd noise may be a factor for Rodgers. No way he throws for more than 150

47 or more (low streak) They ride Lynch a lot and expect him to receive the same amount of carries he normally has.

AOR- Seahawks (Medium Streak) the Seahawks just beat the Cowboys badly at home. Seattle is one of the toughest places to play and it will be a tough game for the Packers. I am not even confident that GB even wins this game.

45 or more (low streak)

44 or more (low streak)

44 or fewer or not TD (Medium Streak)

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