Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Streak It Up Picks

Sept 23: No time for write ups, they will resume tomorrow

Arsenal (low streak)

No score

Saints 7 or more

6 or more first downs

149 or fewer

169 or fewer

49ers 7+







Sau Paulo

Yes Run



48 or less


Steelers 5+




Any other Position

Sept 22: A lot of college football picks that could go either way. If you have a high streak i wouldn't risk any on teams to win by certain points unless your confident because its very tough to predict. Teams don't care how much they win by just as long as they win. GL

Shalke 04 W/D (low streak)

Chelsea 2+ (low streak)

AOR-UAB (low streak)

AOR -UTEP (low streak)

AOR-low streak) Florida is only favored by 23 points

AOR-Athletics (Medium Streak) I think the A's even win this game

Yes 1 homerun (low streak)

Real Betis (low streak)

AOR-GT (low streak)

21 or less (low streak)

AOR-Missouri (low streak)

AOR-UCLA (low streak) Oregon State just beat Wisconsin this will be the true test on the road to see exactly how good they really are.

Barcelona 3+ (low streak)

Phillies (Medium Streak) Bats are hot and Halladay on the mound.

USC 17+ (Medium Streak) 

AOR-McCutchen (low streak)

AOR-Auburn (low streak)

AOR-Blue Jays (low streak)

AOR-ND (HIGH STREAK) This is a straight up pick on most sites, i think Denard Robinson and Michigan will come out much more focused on prime time then they did against Bama. I have ND winning, but this should be close and i wouldn't be surprised if Michigan went into South Bend and got a W.

Goergia 10+ (low streak)

AOR-Kansas State (medium streak) OU wins but 15 is a lot so ill take aor. I think this will be a close game

59 or more (low streak)

Illinois (Medium Streak)

No run (low streak)

Angels (low streak) -170

49 or less (low streak)

AOR- Arizona (low streak)

Galaxy 2+ (low streak)

Sept 21: I will try and provide write ups tomorrow

Krasnodar (low streak)

7 or 9 (low streak)

AGF (low streak)

Frankfurt (low streak)

Middlesbrough (low streak)

8 or 10 (low streak)

Yes goal (low streak)

Phillies (low streak) Phillies are hot and Kendrick has pitching great

Brewers (low streak)

AOR -twins (low streak)

AOR-Kemp (low streak)

Red Sox (low streak)

35 or more (low streak)

AOR (low streak) I think ULM keeps this game close and they are at home. Don't overlook ULM they are not a bad football team and have a great passing offense. 

Astros (low streak)

Angels (low streak)

Rangers (low streak)

AOR-Padres (low streak)

Sept 20:

7 or 9 (low streak)

Molde (low streak)

Maritimo (low streak)

Basel (low streak)

Inter Milan (low streak)

Lazio (Medium Streak)

Nationals (low streak)

3 or more (low streak)

Royals (low streak)

Giants (low streak)

Cam Newton (low streak)

Cruz (low streak)

AOR (low streak)

Angels (low streak)

43 or more (low streak)

Sept 19:

Polonia Bytom (low streak)

Yes 1 or more goals (low streak)

Juventus W/D (low streak)

Valencia (low streak)

2 or more goals (low streak)

AOR-Kent State (low streak) Buffalo is -3.5 favorites right now but i like AOR.

Sporting KC W/D (low streak) The Red Bulls are actually favored and havn't lost at home but KC is top of the league so i gotta go with them.

Brewers (low streak) Estrada has been very good the Brewers are making a late playoff push.

3 or less K's (low streak)


AOR -Red Sox (low streak)

Columbus Crew (low streak) they are at home vs a banged up Chivas team who also lost their coach.

Reds 2+ (low streak)

AOR -White Sox (low streak) Sale has pitches against the Royals 3 times since the break and they have only won by 2+ once.

4 or more (low streak) Lynn hasn't been too good after the break but he is facing the Astros so who knows.

No 0 runs (low streak)

Angels (low streak) Angels need this game

Mariners (low streak) Felix on the mound vs Saunders who is bad on the round

3 goals or more (low streak) over 2.5 goals is -180

Sept 18:

Mariehamn (low streak) Finnish soccer here. Mariehamn hasn't lost a game at all this year at home while Honka is at the bottom half of the league. Their last match ended in a 2-2 draw so expect goals to come in this game. I'll take the home team im thinking a 2-1 win. 

Hammarby (low streak) This is only a half time prop and i usually always go with the draw here as we have seen most games actually are 0-0 at the half. Bromapojkarna is actually slightly favored to win the game so they may net a first half goal, however the w/d at half time is -188

Real Madrid (low streak) This is going to be a great match. I am taking Madrid here, they are at home and are the better team in my opinion. Real Madrid didn't look very good at all their last match but they should turn this around as this is the champions league and they are motivated to win. I struggle with this pick because of the draw, Man City is very capable of going into Madrid and scoring some goals. However, i trust Ronaldo and the Madrid team more as they have proven themselves in the Champions League where Mac City has not. Madrid is also -169 to win the match.

Anderlecht (low streak) Milan is heavily favored to win this match but i think it will be close at half time. Basically here i am banking on the draw at the half. Low confidence here the safe pick would probably be Milan.

PSG (low streak) This pick may change depending on the halftime score so check back but PSG is heavily favored and should net at least one or two.

Nationals (low streak) Zimmerman has been good for the Nats and Harang has been poor. I trust the Nats way more to score runs and they are at home. 

Athletics (low streak) Coming off a brutal loss to the White Sox, the Tigers know they have got to basically win almost all their games to have a legit shot at the postseason. However, the A's have proven to be the better pitching team and better hitting in the clutch. Definitely a toss up but i'm switching to the A's. The line has also been moving toward the A's.

Yankees 2+ (low streak) They are now leading the AL East and are facing the terible Blue Jays. Romero has been awful this year, i think the Yankees lineup finds a way to put up a lot of runs. Not confident though because Romero has shut down the Yankees  in a game earlier this season and the Yankees pitching isn't strong. 

Brewers (low streak) The Pirates have a late game in Chicago so won't get back to Pittsburgh till tomorrow morning. The Brewers are now 2.5 games back of the wild card and are playing well. The Pirates are not, in my mind either take the Brewers or stay away.

3 or less (low streak) Tampa keeps losing and are basically out of the wild card race now, down 4.5 games. The Red Sox are not a strong hitting team so the safe pick would be 3 or fewer.

AOR (low streak) This is certainly a win for the Cardinals and they are huge favorites at -290. Lohse is dominant and Abad is terrible for the Astros. This could go either way i am just picking aor because it is the safe pick, low confidence.

AOR -Headley (low streak)

Angles (Medium Streak)  The Angels ruffed up Dempster for 8 runs last time they met. Weaver is one of the best pitchers in the league and i think he continues that tonight. He has thrown very well against the Rangers this year. The Angels are 3 games back from the wild card and need to win Weaver's games to have a chance, they will be fired up for this series.

Mariners (very low streak) Ok, this pick is all from my gut. The smart and logical pick here is the Orioles because they are in a tight race. However, i know the Mariners are still playing tough baseball as they are trying to figure out players for next season. Ramirez is getting the start for Seattle, he is one of those guys who shines on the big stage and is ready to prove his talent to be in the rotation next season. Chen can be shaky on the road as he has given up high amount of runs some games. Orioles are a solid pick, but i think the Mariners get this one.

AOR (low streak) Lincecum is starting vs Jeff Francis here. Lincecum is inconsistent, the Rockies only lost by 1 run last night i wouldn't be surprised if they end up winning this game outright. 

Its a new week good luck to everyone. Picks for Sept 17:

Baltika W/D: (low streak) Baltika is -150 to w/d. Shinnik is 14th in the league while Baltika is 8th. Baltika hasn't lost a match in 5 games and Shinnik hasn't won a match in 4 games. They also have the draw so ill take them.

Kalmar (low streak) Kalmar is -188 to win this match in 90 minutes. They have had recent success against Orebro so i think they cant net one in the first half and take a lead. 

No run (low streak) 2 good pitchers on the mound.

Tigers (low streak) Tigers are -119 right now. They are 2 games behind the White Sox for the AL Central. Fister has a 3.25 ERA this season and has pitched well against the White Sox. Its a toss up i wouldnt pick this.

Everton (Medium Streak) Everton has won 8 of their last 9 home matches. They beat Newcastle 3-1 in May. 

Real Bettis (low streak)

3 goals or more (low streak)

Cliff Lee (low streak) The tie option could be huge here. You really don't know which pitcher is going to get more K's, i would stay away either one can win this prop.

Braves (low streak) They are -129 favorites right now. Tim Hudson has been great lately while the Marlins are out of the playoff race.

3 or less (low streak)

Broncos (low streak) Falcons are -3 favorites but i can't go against Peyton Manning. My pick might change so check back.

52 or more points (low streak)

Peyton Manning (low streak) The Broncos have the better defense so ill take them to hold Matt Ryan low on completions/yardage in the first half but it could go either way.

Orioles (low streak)

Giants 2+ (low streak) Bumgarner on the mound vs Chacin. Bumgarner is the better pitcher and the Giants need to keep winning.

Julio Jones (low streak) 

Picks for Sunday Sept 16:

AOR (low streak)

Reading (Medium Streak)

No Score (low streak)

46 or more (low streak)

125 or fewer (low streak)

39 or less (low streak)

Colts (low streak)


Raiders (low streak)

Pats 15+ (low streak)

AOR-Giants (low streak) I think this game will be very close

Ravens (low streak)

Yankees (low streak)

White Sox (low streak)

AOR (low streak)

No run (low streak) 

AOR -Redskins (low streak)

Cowboys (Medium Streak)

Dbacks (low streak)

49ers (low streak)

Chargers (low streak)

Nationals (low streak)

49 or fewer (low streak)

45 or fewer (low streak)

 Dont have time for write ups but here are mu Picks for Saturday Sept 15:

Chelsea (low streak)

AOR (low streak)

AOR- Florida State (low streak)

AOR -Ohio State (low streak)

Yes 1 run (low streak)

Blue Jays (low streak)

Milan (low streak)

AOR-Alabama (low streak)


AOR -Virginia (low streak)

Rays (low streak)

Nationals (Medium Streak)

Portuguesa (low streak)

Tennessee (low streak)

AOR (low streak)

Reds (low streak)

Hit,Walk, Strikeout (low streak)

USC 10+ (low streak)

28 or less (low streak)

Michigan State +7 (low streak)

Wisconsin +14 (low streak)

AOR-Kinsler (low streak)

DBACKS (low streak)

No 0 homeruns (HIGH STREAK)

75 or less (low streak)

I will add write ups for my picks tomorrow. Picks for Friday Sept 14:

MyPa (low streak) They are very good at home and beat Turku 4-0 last time they played. It will be much closer but i think a 1-1 draw here is most likely.

Sonnenhof W/D (low streak) -217 

Hit,Walk, Strikeout (low streak)

Pirates (low streak) 

Brighton (low streak) Brighton is great at home, i think they win this.

Toulouse (low streak)


Rays (low streak) This is tough however the Rays just got swept by the O's and need to get back on track here. Price is better than CC in my mind and the Yankees are still having trouble scoring runs. 

3 or fewer (low streak) Verlander is on the hill, gotta go with 3 or fewer.

Blue Jays (Medium Streak) They are at home vs the struggling Red Sox, not confident because both teams are at the bottom of the division but ill take the home team.

Reds (HIGH STREAK) Arroyo is on the mound and has been absolutely great for the Reds this year. I trust him and the clutch hitting Reds to win in Miami.

3 or fewer (low streak) 1K an inning wins this prop so it is much safer.

AOR (low streak) Not a fan of taking a team to win by 2+, especially on the road so ill go with KC.

Sporting KC (low streak) KC is the top team int he conference and are at home. If this were at the Dynamo i would take them but they don't play as good on the road.

Washington State 8+ (low streak) UNLV has lost both games so far and are not very good. I watched them play last week, i think WSU should take this by at least 8 and maybe DD.

27 points or less (low streak) Not many of these props go over in the first half and with UNLV's offense ill be safe and take the under. UNLV is a running team too so the clock should run.

Yes 1 or more hits (low streak) Cain on the mound but ill take yes.

Athletics (low streak) Millone is great at home and the O's are coming off a great sweep of the Rays. They now have to fly out to the west coast and take on the hot Athletics. Saunders has been bad on the road ill take the A's.

Cardinals (low streak) Dodgers have now lost 7 of their last 8 games. Capuano got lit up last time he faced the Cardinals so ill take the Cards.

AOR -Galaxy (low streak) I don't like taking a team to win by 2+ in the MLS. Even though the galay are way better than Colorado..Crazy things happen in this league so ill take AOR although the Galaxy blowing them out wouldn't surprise me at all. 

Good day yesterday went 13-5 and hit both Picks Of The Day. I have a w6 heading into today. Picks for Sept 13:

SJK (low streak) KooTeePee has only drawn twice out of 20 matches and SJK won at KTP in May. Absolutely no confidence in this pick.

Rays Leading or Tied (Medium Streak) I think they win this game. Hellickson has been good

No 0 goals (low streak) Safe pick is no goal

Angels (low streak) Tough pick. Anderson has a .69era and Weaver is coming back from a small injury, gut feeling just tells me Angels but toss up.

8 or fewer (low streak)

3 or fewer (low streak)

AOR-Red Sox (low streak) Once again, don't trust the Yankees pitching to win by 2+ and even to be confident in winning the game.

Any Other Score (low streak)

AOR -Rutgers (low streak) A lot of experts are actually saying this game is going to be fairly close.

Internacional W/D (low streak)

AOR- Utley (low streak)

Tigers (low streak) Never go against Verlander. The Tigers have won 5 out of their last 6 with the White Sox and need another W here to help their chances at a division title

AOR -Bears (low streak) I think the Packers win but its a short week and they have to get ready for Cutler and Marshall who looked solid last week, but that was against the Colts.

27 or more (low streak) 2 high power offenses 27 is a lot in the first half but ill take the over.

Cardinals (low streak) Lynn is back in the rotation. Both teams got swept this weekend and need a W here. The Dodger's have a hard time scoring and Beckett hasn't been too good this year you don't know who will come out playing good here but i have a feeling the Cards will wake up.

2 or more Passing Touchdowns (low streak) If they are losing i would take 2+, if they are up a lot they will probably run the ball more and look to run the clock but Rodgers should still be passing a lot. 

Picks for Sept 12:

Vallenspaek W/D (low streak)

Huracan (low streak)

Ponferradina (low streak) Villareal is playing their B squad

No C Lee win (low streak)

Ponte Preta W/D (low streak)

AOR-Holliday (low streak)

3 or more goals (low streak) -125 for more than 2 goals. 

Yes 1 or more Homeruns (low streak) Both pitchers are prone to homeruns, no would be the safe pick though. 

AOR Red Sox (low streak) Yankees are facing Aaron Cook who they have hit very well last time they played but their pitching is awful right now, safe pick AOR here

Rays (low streak) -124 and a must win game for the Rays. Cobb has been throwing well but this is a toss up.

Pirates (low streak) Pirates have lost 5 in a row. They are lucky to only be 2.5 back but with Burnett on the mound i think they take this.

Bahia W/D (Medium Streak) Bahia W/d -163 Sport Recife Win +125. This is Brazilian soccer, anything can happen so not confident enough for a high streak

Tigers (HIGH STREAK) HUGE game for Detroit, they cannot lose or they will be down 3 games to the White Sox. Scherzer has only allowed 4 runs in his last 5 starts. Peavy is coming back of DL. PICK OF THE DAY #2

Brewers (HIGH STREAK) PICK OF THE DAY Brewers have won 17 out of their last 22 and play great at home, they have one of the best home records.  They have won Gallardos last EIGHT starts, i dont see this changing here and they are only 4 games back of the wild card now. 

Yes 1+ run 1st inning (low streak) -145 for a first inning run. These teams have score in the first more than not against eachother and both pitchers are shaky.

Santos (low streak)

Diamondbacks (Medium Streak) The Dodgers have trouble scoring runs. Harang on the mound wont help that and Cahil has thrown great against the Dodgers.

Athletics (low streak)

No surprise that i missed every soccer pick yesterday, those are brutal but i do have a W6 heading into today. Picks for 9/11:

Finland W/D (low streak)

Israel W/D (low streak) Israel W/D -125 while a Russia win is -110 plus this is a friendly with home team draw option.

Columbia W/D (low streak) Columbia W/D -125 Chile win -110

Uruguay (low streak)

Rays (low streak) Rays currently -130. This is a big series as Tampa is 1 game behind the Orioles. The Rays have won 6 of their last 8 and i think they will make a late push and end up making the postseason. Matt Moore has been pitching well, while the O's have lost 4 out of Hammels last 5 starts. I think the Rays are better here and have been here many more times than the O's so they understand the pressure.

3 or more (Low Streak) Halladay strikes out a lot of people, this is only asking for 1 K an inning. Yes is the safe pick here.

Mets (low streak) The Mets are -114 right now. Dickey has been outstanding this season with an 18-4 record and only giving up 4er his last 4 starts. Also, NY should be an electric atmosphere for the game as it is "Remember 9/11". If the Mets can score some runs Dickey should hold the Nats.

AOR (low streak) Yankees -125 right now. The Yankees are in some trouble if they don't figure some things out. Lester is on the mound for the Red Sox and Kuroda for the Yankees. Low confidence but i think the safe pick here is AOR.

No Run (low streak) Safe pick is no. Harrison vs Jimenez here..if someone were to score i think it would be the Rangers.

Braves (low streak) Well the Brewers have one of the best home records in baseball. They find ways to win at home. Estrada has been pitching very well and they just arn't out of playoff contention yet. Braves are slight favorites but i like the Brewers at home. SWITCHING TO BRAVES

Tigers (low streak) Every time i pick the Tigers, they seem to lose. They need to win this game as they are 3 down in the division. Peavy got roughed up against Detroit last time they met giving up 6 runs in a 4-7 loss.

No hit (low streak) Bumgarner on the mound for SF

Diamondbacks (low streak) Dodgers -137 however Kershaw is not at full strength as he hurt his hip last start. Ian Kennedy is 4-1 in his last 5 starts against the Dodgers. I absolutely do not trust the Dodgers hitting, they just can't put up constant runs. I trust the Dbacks more.

AOR (low streak)

Angels (low streak) The Angels lost last night and need a w here. They are hot, winning 11 of 13. Strally is making his first start since August 16th. Nothing much else to say rather than this is a "Must Win" for the Angels.

AOR (Medium Streak) Wainwright vs Volquez. The Padres always seem to win these night games at home, or at least make them close. They are -135 to not lose by 2+. Volquez is pretty good at home while Wainwright has struggled his last 2 starts.

16-8 yesterday. I would have won my league last week if the Panthers would have showed up for their game but oh well. Looks like there are more soccer props up in the morning..If you have any info/advice on any of these soccer teams i would love to hear it but  here are my picks for Sept 10:

Met Kuzbass (low streak)

Shinnik (low streak)

Sonnenhof (low streak) SWITCHING TO SONNENHOF

Shamrock (low streak) 

3 goals or more (low streak)

Godoy Cruz W/D (low streak)

AOR-Bengals Ravens (Low Streak) Ravens are favored by 7 at home. This is a big divisional game between these two teams. The Bengals did make the playoffs last year, i just see this one being closer than 8 points. Certainly i think the Ravens will come away with a W but i see this close.

21 or more (low streak) over 20.5 points is favored right now at -115. This could go either way as both teams have a great defense. 

Nationals (HIGH STREAK) Nationals are -140 right now. The Mets are starting McHugh who is just trying to get some starts before the season is over. Gio Gonzalez has been pitching outstanding and is 5-1 in his last 6 starts. They are obviously the better team, take the Nats. PICK OF THE DAY

3 or less (low streak) Latos is coming off a 4 hit game and a 5 hit game. He is throwing well and the Pirates aren't that strong of a hitting team. He does walk people sometimes so i wouldn't risk this with any streak.

No run (low streak) Keuchel vs Volstad. Both pitcher got hit well their last starts. I could see both teams scoring runs in the first inning but the safer pick is no. 

Tigers (low streak) Well this is a tough matchup. The Tigers swept the White Sox at home last week. The Tigers are down 2 games to the Sox right now in the division race, this series is HUGE. The Tigers are coming off a rough series at the Angels. Quintana got roughed up for 7er last outing against the Twins. I think the Tigers take this. Don't touch this game unless you have to.

Braves (low streak) They are -113 right now. They are tied for the wild card lead right now and need to keep winning games. Basically, i trust teams that are actually playing for a spot in the post season right now. Mike Minor is better than Peralta and has been pitching in more games this year.

AOR (low streak) Hoping for a out

No 0 touchdowns (low streak) The Bengals do have a good run defense, the safe pick here is no although he could break a long run at some point.

Angels (HIGH STREAK) They are -152 right now. They have won 11 of their last 12 games and are on fire right now. They swept the A's a week ago and this is a huge series as they are 1 game behind Oakland in the wild card. Dan Haren has been throwing good lately and the Angels are simply playing good at the right time.

Padres (Medium Streak) I really like Stults for the Padres. Not many people actually recognize this guy but he is a very good pitcher. He has a lot of good pitches and has thrown a couple shutouts this year. I am actually pretty confident in this game.

46 or less (low streak) 

Chargers (low streak) Oakland is favored by 1 point right now. I just don't want to pick Oakland when Carson Palmer has yet to show that he can take his team into the playoffs and win meaningful games. This very well could be his year, especially if Mcfadden is healthy and playing well. This is  a toss up in my eyes i would stay away with any sort of streak unless you feel confident. 

12-11 yesterday. First Sunday of NFL so here we go:

Portsmouth (Medium Streak) PUSH

Bears 7+ (low streak) 

6 or more (low streak) 

Pats by 6+ (low streak)

Falcons (Medium Streak)

AOR Saint-Redskins (low streak)

Jets (low streak)

No Touchdowns 

Mets (low streak)

Orioles (Medium Streak)


No homerun (low streak)

Cardinals (Medium Streak)

Nautico (low streak)

Angels (Medium Streak)

Mariners (low streak)

AOR-Packers 49ers (low streak)

47 or less (low streak)

Seahawks (Medium Streak) -3 favorites

Panthers (HIGH STREAK)

47 or less (low streak)

Giants (Medium Streak) Blanton is now pitching so take the Giants

Broncos (low streak)

22 or less (low streak)

1 or fewer rushing TD (Medium Streak)

Went 11-6 yesterday. Today is stunt day on STFC and i will also be at the Iowa Iowa State football game so i wont be on the chat much at all. Here are just my Picks for Sept 8th:

Lincoln W/D (low streak) They drew 1-1 in early February

AOR (low streak) K State- Miami 

AOR (low streak) I think this game will be closer than what people expect.

Mississippi State (Medium Streak)

Nationals 2+ (low streak)

No Neither team score (low streak)

AOR (low streak)

Notre Dame 15+ (low streak)

Texas A+M (low streak)

Wisconsin 8+ (low streak)

3 or fewer hits + BB (low streak)

Giants (low streak)

Flamengo W/D (low streak)

AOR (low Streak)

Rangers (Medium Streak)

Cardinals (low streak)

Nebraska 6+ (low streak)

Georgia (low streak)

Diamondbacks (low streak)

Tigers (Medium Streak)

AOR (low streak)

Stanford (Medium Streak)

Dont got much time to do write ups today but here are my picks :

Bubba Watson (low streak) PUSH

7 or 9 strokes (low streak)

AOS 12th hole (low streak)

8 or 10 strokes 15th hole (low streak)

Turkey (low streak)

Columbia (low streak) On STFC this has it has a W/D.

4 or fewer (low streak)

AOR- McCutchen (low streak) 

Yankees (low streak)

Mets (low streak)


Utah 8+ (low streak)

26 or less (low streak)

AOR (low streak)

Cardinals (low streak)

Angels (low streak)

Padres (low streak)

Giants (Medium Streak )

Well 11-11 yesterday. Lost my w7 on STFC from the Giants who played awful. I'm still pissed so ill make some Short Write ups today:

Spartak Nalchik (low streak) -225 to win in 90 minutes, -105 to be winning at half time, over .5 goals in 1st half -250

Petrotrest (HIGH STREAK) -125 to W/D in 90 minutes, first half W/D -200, over .5 goals 1st half -250 PICK OF THE DAY #1

Yes 1 hit (low streak) Tim Hudson is on the mound. He is coming off a bad outing vs the Phillies but was throwing good before that so this could go either way.

Marlins (Medium Streak) The Marlins are -126 right now. They have J Johnson on the mound vs Estrada. Estrada has been good lately, only giving up 1 er his last 3 starts but two were against the Cubs. Johnson has been pretty good lately, i like the Marlins here.

Matt Kuchar or tie (low streak)

7 or 9 strokes (low streak)

7 or 9 strokes (low streak)

9 or 11 strokes (Medium Streak)

7 or 9 strokes (low streak)

Yankees (Medium Streak)  Phelps has not been too good this year at the starting role for NYY. The Orioles score 3 runs off him in 4.2 innings last time they played. Hammel has lost his last 4 starts but they were against great offenses. He is just coming back from the DL and i don't think he will be ready for this intense game. I like the Yankees here. 

2 strikeouts or less (low streak) Zimmerman hasn't been striking out as many batters as innings in his last few starts. He is going up against the Cubs, but i like the under here.

AOR (low streak) Tough to say Pitt will keep this close as they got blown out by Youngstown State last week. However, the line is -4. Cincinnati  is opening up here with only 4 returning starters on offense and lost a lot of their defense too. I think Pitt keeps it close. Pitt +4.5 is -120 right now.

24 or less (low streak) Once again, Cincinnati lost a lot of starters on offense and Pitt only put up 17 against Youngstown St. all of last game.

Royals (low streak) The Rangers have lost Feldman's last SIX starts. He has not been pitching as good as the rest of the starters have been. Hochever only gave up 1 er against Texas last time they met and they won the game. Rangers are -135 but i think the Royals win this game. Certainly not confident though as the Rangers are one of the best teams in the MLB.

Houston Dynamo (HIGH STREAK) Kyle Beckerman, Alvaro Sabario, and Will Johnson are gone for RSL. RSL struggles on the road, going  4-3-6 while the Dynamo are 8-5-0 at home. They have only conceded 10 goals at home all year, I have watched them play on TV a couple times and i can tell you they play GREAT at home. THEY HAVEN'T LOST AT HOME.  PICK OF THE DAY #2

Any other Score or no TD (low streak) 

Without these soccer props, my record would be over 60% but some luck has gotta come my way with those. Today is the first day of the NFL Season. Picks for Sept 5th: 

Errani (low streak) Line is moving in favor of Errani so ill take her. Nothing else for me to really base my pick on here as i know little about each player 

Phillies (low streak) This is basically a pickem game. No favorite really. The Phillies have been winning games as of late. I trust Halladay more than Leake so ill take the Phillies.

AOR (Medium Streak) Utley is struggling. He has 4 hits, 2 K's and 0 walks in his last 5 games. AOR is the safe pick.

Yes 1 or more goals (low streak) Over 2.5 goals for the game is -163. Who knows though as we have seen many soccer games are scoreless at half.

Mets (low streak) Dickey has given up 2 runs in his last 3 starts. He is pitching outstanding right now, it is hard not to take the Mets to win. If he can get some run support then the Mets should win this game.

Yes (Low Streak) On the road Dickey averages over a K per inning. Wainwright averages a little under 1 K per inning. They should both get a K the odds definitely favor yes. 

No 0 homeruns (low streak) Peavy has given up 5 homeruns his last 4 games. Walters has given up 2 his last 5 games. I could definitely see a HR here but the safe pick is no

Athletics (low streak) McCarthy has been great at home with a 2.59 era in 9 starts. Haren has been good but also very inconsistent at times. Athletics gotta win and are at home.

Yes goal (low streak) Never head of these teams so ill play it safe and take yes. Not confident at all

3 or fewer (low streak) SWITCHING to 3 or fewer because the Cubs have some players sitting in tonight's game

Orioles (low streak) Again, the Blue Jays are slight favorites but The Orioles are on fire right now and are tied for 1st with the Yankees. They put up a lot of runs and are playing great baseball. Gotta take them here, they need to win these games against bad teams.

Marlins (Medium Streak) Brewers are calling up a rookie to fill the place of Mark Rogers who is being shut down for the season. Marlins have had success against the Brewers i like them here.

Rays (Medium Streak) Rays open up as -122 favorites. They are playing as good of baseball as any team and this game is just as important for them, trailing the Yankees by 1.5 games. Gotta go with them here at home.

Rangers (low streak) -159 favorites. Dempster vs Teaford. I trust Dempster a lot more and Rangers are coming off a loss to KC. 

Hit, Walk, Strikeout (low streak) I usually don't take HWS but Elvis Andrus has been hitting the ball well lately. He has 6 hits and 4 strikeouts in his last 4 games.

Under 23 (low streak) Low confidence here. The odds barely favor the under and this is both teams first games of the season. Giants have a good defense i predict this to barely go under.

AOR (low streak) Some betting sites have this game straight up when the line is -4. I think it could go either way, who knows the Cowboys could pull of the upset although i don't see it happening. Maybe a late field goal wins this for the Giants. PICK OF THE DAY

Colorado Rapids (low streak) They are -150 to in this match while the Timbers are +110 to W/D. Both teams are at the bottom of the league and play good at home. Portland just beat Colorado 1-0 at home last week but they also lost 3-0 at Colorado earlier in the season.

Any Other Score or No Score (low streak) Hoping for a FG before a TD

Dodgers (low streak) Harang vs Richards here. Dodgers are currently -150.

Giants (low streak) Giants -155. Both Cahill and Bumgarner are coming off bad outings. The Giants need this game more after coming off the loss last night. I trust Bumgarner more at home.

Went 8-11 yesterday but ended strong and i have a w6 going into Tuesday. All these soccer mini props ruin my record pretty bad because they are so unpredictable. Picks for Sept 4th:

AOR (low streak) Confident that Azarenka wins this match but i think it will be a little closer than what everyone is expecting. Stosur is not bad, she hasn't lost a set all tournament either and wants to put up a good fight with Azarenka. I think she loses the first set by 2 games. Pretty dumb of me to take aor here.

Ferrer wins by 2 or more games (low streak)

Elvrsborg (low streak)Elversberg is -138 to win the game in 90 minutes. Alzenau to be winning or tied at half is -175 but i like Elversberg to have a 1-0 lead at half time because they play well at home and are the better team.

SC Pfullendorf (Medium Streak) The w/draw here is -188 at the half. Worms is only -110 to win in 90 minutes so the chances of them winning at half are even worse. I am definitely taking SC to at be least be tied at half.

0 Goals (low streak) See how the first half is being played. This pick could change is both teams are attacking and actually want to score.

Wrexham (HIGH STREAK) Wrexham is -250 to win this game in 90 minutes which means they are the much better team here. They are at home and are -1400 to be leading or tied at half time. This means the odds of Hyde scoring in the first half is not good, over 1 goal in the first half is -160. Taking Wrexham with high confidence. 

Grimsby (Low Streak) Barrow is -120 to win or draw in this match. They are in second to last place in the English Blue Square Premier League while Grimsby is in the middle of the pack. This could end in a draw as Barrow have drew 2 matches through 5 games but have won 0. I like Grimsby

Tamworth or Tie (low Streak) This a prop you will have to see how the first half is playing. in the 2nd half on goal is +200 while 2 goals is +240. If Tamworth can net 1 goal they should win as the tie option is huge here.

Guarani (low streak) Home team with the w/d

Tigers (low streak) They are -210 to win the game. This starters are Masterson and Porcello. Porcello has given up 2 runs in his last 2 starts while Masterson has given up 8, 1, and 7. The Tigers are in a tight race with the White Sox they cannot afford to lose to the Indians again i like them to win here by 2+. 

3 or less (low streak) Jackson is coming off a 4 hit shutout against the Cardinals and 2 games before that he threw a 4 hitter vs the Mets. He is pitching good right now. Not confident at all as he can have 1 bad inning then this prop is over. 

Blue Jays (low streak) They are at home here and are currently favored. Britton has been good for the Orioles and so has Villanueva for the Blue Jays. Britton has had some shaky starts on the road though so i'm going to go with my gut and take the Jays but this is a toss up. The smart pick would probably be to take the O's but i am not.

Rays (low streak) This is the toughest prop of the day in my opinion. The Yankees are choking big time down the stretch. I don't trust their pitching right now and Arod still isn't 100%. I'll say this once again, the Rays need to win this if they want to catch up on the AL East/Wildcard. The Yankees need it just as bad but at home the Rays play better and the Yankees do not play well at Tropicana Field. 

Royals (Medium streak) Guthrie is pitching outstanding right now while Harrison is coming off a bad performance vs the Rays giving up 7 earned runs. The Royals are -135 to win or not lose by 2+. I am actually pretty confident in this pick, don't be surprised if the Royals win this game.

0 homeruns (low streak) 

No run (low streak)

Athletics (low streak) Tough pick but the Athletics already hit Grienke pretty good earlier this year so ill take them. Oakland is tied for the wild card lead and they need to win these tough games. 

AOR (low streak) This is tough. The Dodgers are -230 to win this game. Kershaw is on the mound vs Eric Stults. Stults hasn't given up a run in either of his last 2 starts i really think he is a great pitcher. The Dodgers have had trouble scoring runs recently so ill take the Padres to not lose by 2+

Red Sox (LowStreak) The Red Sox have lost 7 in a row. Yes, SEVEN. They haven't been competitive in these games either on the west coast. They are favored and need a win. Lester is on the mound against Beavan who i simply don't trust he can be bad at times. 

It is Monday which means it is a new week. Last week was by far one of my worst weeks picking i have ever had on SIU so i plan on this week going a lot better. Here are my picks: Parlay Of The Day: Union Berlin, White Sox, AOR (VT vs GT)

VPS (low streak) Inter Turku is -154 right now to win in 90 minutes. Turku has 4 wins and 1 loss its last 4 games while VPS has 3 draws, 1 win, and 1 loss. Turku is at home and the odds for someone to score in first half is -300 but Turku has only been leading at half time in 2 out of their 8 games this season. They very well could be up 1-0 but to be tied at half time is more likely. Ill take VPS

Podbeskidzie (low streak) This is Poland soccer and honestly i have never heard of either of these teams. I'll take the draw option here as neither team is that dominant.

Nationals 2+ (low streak) This is a day game where Samardiza and Detwiler will be getting the starts. the Nats are -180 to win and +120 to win by 2 or more runs. the Nats are playing great and have won 3 out of 4 while the Cubs lost their last 2 with the Giants. Both pitchers are actually pitching well. The Cubs are out of the playoff race so ill take the Nats to win by 2+.

Yes homerun (low streak)

Blue Jays (medium streak) The Jays are actually barely favored in this game. Happ has been throwing great, Saunders is coming off an awful performance. I'll take the Jays but not confident because they are obviously out of the playoff race while the Orioles need wins.

Rays (low streak) The Yankees are barely favored but in my mind this is a must win game for the Rays as they are 3.5 down from the Yankees in the AL East. The Yankees bullpen is a mess right now. If CC doesn't throw well this could get bad for the Yanks bullpen. Shields has threw great his last 5 starts. I think the Rays get it done at home behind a fired up crowd.

No hit (low streak) I hate these props because they are unpredictable. The Pirates are starting relief pitcher Jeff Locke. He has given up 1 hit in 4 innings as a Pirate.

AOR (low streak) Yu Darvish is coming off a steller outing vs the Rays shutting them out. The Royals are -120 to not lose by 2+. Chen has been throwing pretty well so ill go with the odds.

Union Berlin W or Draw (HIGH STREAK) Union has some great goal scoring talent, especially at home. Berlin has a bunch of new players that have not gotten completely comfortable with each other yet. On the road will be tough for them, especially to come out with a win. Do not be surprised if Union Berlin wins this game outright. Take them here. PICK OF THE DAY

AOR (low streak) Matt Holliday should at least put it in play

Derry City W or Draw (low streak)

Angels (low streak) The Angels have lost 4 of Wilson's last 5 road starts and they would have lost all 5 if they didn't score 13 runs in a 14-13 win over Boston. Something tells me the Angels find a way to win this game though as they have to catch up in the division and this is their best chance to do it.

Diamondbacks (low streak) They are -103 right now. At home Zito pitches well but has been shaky lately. Corbin has been throwing good it is just a matter if he can get some run support. I think the Dbacks steal this one in San Francisco.

Red Sox (low streak) They are -109. Both Vargas and Buchholz have been pretyt bad their last 2 starts but i trust Clay more than Vargas. It is at Seattle and they are playing well but my gut is telling me the Red Sox take this one.

Racing Club (Medium Streak) It is only a half time prop but Racing Club is the better team here, they should win this game and hopefully can get a lead in the first half. I think 1-0 or 2-0 half time lead for Racing Club.

White Sox (HIGH STREAK) They are -154 to win and i agree with the oddsmakers. They just got swept by the Tigers and are now tied for first place. Coming back home to Chicago against a poor team like the Twins should get them a much needed W. Deduno is pitching well but i like the White Sox. LOCK OF THE DAY

AOR (Medium Streak) GT is returning 8 starters on offense and 7 on defense, making them a very experienced group. VT is returning only 3 starters on offense. VT doesnt usually blow teams out, especially on their opening game. This is a rivaly, i dont think GT gets beat that bad i think it will be close the whole game. Also: The line for VT has been dropping at a fast rate which means betters like GT to keep it close. 

48 or less (low streak) VT usually has a great defense and plays in hard fought, low scoring games. However, GT runs the option offense which usually leads to a lot of points. This game is going to feature a lot of running so the clock should move fast. I would be safe and take the under.

AOR (low streak) The Dodgers are -160 to win but +130 to win by 2+ runs. This is Werner vs Blanton. Werner has been pitching well only giving up 2 runs in both starts. Blanton has been shaky but is coming off a great outing. I think this in state game will be close and who knows the Padres have won many games in which they have been huge underdogs. 

I went 11-9 yesterday which is decent but should be better. Its a start of a new month and college football has started. Last year around this time i got up to a w12 on covers and a w17 on STFC so i have big hopes in winning some money somewhere. Here are my picks for September 1st: Parlay Of The Day: Tulsa, Mariners, Manchester City.

3 goals or more (medium streak) Dempsey and Dembele left Fulham to go to Tottenham so they probably won't be strong on offense but West Ham should be strong on the attack. I see this 2 or 3 goals. Taking the over though.

AOR (Medium streak) This is being played in Ireland. The spread is 14.5 for Notre Dame. I am pretty confident Navy keeps this close in the first half as QB Tommy Reese and WR Wood are hurt for ND.

Tottenham 2+ (Medium Streak) -277 to win so hopefully they can add a 2nd goal to make it 2+.

Syracuse (low streak) They are favored by 1 point, are at home, and are returning a lot of starters. I like the Cuse here.

Ohio State 25+ (low streak) Yeah 25 points is a lot to ask for here and this is an in state "rivalry" game. Ohio State is obviously way better than Miami (OH) and the spread is 24.5 so ill take Ohio St to win by 25 hopefully they don't put in backups and slow the game down

Man City 2+ (HIGH STREAK) Man City is an elite team in the EPL while Park Rangers isn't that good. I'll take Man City here at home. They are -516 to win which is outstanding odds. PICK OF THE DAY

Yes 1+ homerun (low streak) Chen vs Phelps in this matchup. The Yankees only scored 1 run yesterday so i assume they come out and score some runs and a home run in Yankee stadium isn't difficult so ill take yes here although the safe pick would be no.


AOR (low streak) Cal is currently 11.5 point favorites here and are at home. For some reason i like Nevada to keep it close here but this is the first game of the season so nothing really to go off here but returning players. 

Boston College (low streak) BC QB Chase Rettig is back and ready for a great year. I'm telling you this guy is motivated to get his team far in the ACC and to a good bowl game. Miami has a ton of freshman and this is a rivalry game so ill take BC at home.

Tulsa (low streak) Ok, so i live in Iowa and i know Iowa State pretty well. They are pumped for this game and fans think this is an "easy win". I disagree, Tulsa is favored by 2 points and i like their returning players especially with the transfer QB. I think Tulsa rolls into Ames and comes away with a hard fought W.

AOR (low streak) Nebraska is favored by 19.5 points right now. I like their team with Martinez returning. This is only a half time prop so im gonna say it is within 13 here. Southern Miss isn't horrible so ill take AOR.

Mariners (HIGH STREAK) Felix is on the mound and has been dealing, gotta go with him and Mariners here. They are -150.

Cardinals (low streak) Lohse is 14-2 on the season, the Cards have lost 4 in a row so i would expect them to come out scoring. Risky pick though because the Nats are on fire.

Fluminense (low streak) They are slightly favored to win the match but they are on the road here so take with caution.

AOR (low streak) Clemson is 2.5 favorites right now. I think Auburn will keep this close at home and maybe even pull the upset Saturday night. AOR is the safer pick here.

Tigers (Medium Streak) The Tigers are -155 right now and need this as they are 2 back from the Sox. Scherzer has been great and Liriano has been decent. I like the Tigers but don't trust them with a high streak as we have seen before as they got swept by the Royals.

Pirates (Low Streak) Burnett hasn't been that great on the road but they are in a playoff race and need to pull of some road wins.

AOR (Medium Streak) USC by 26 at half is a lot to ask for. USC obviously wins this game big but by this much at half is a lot to ask for.

Michigan (low streak) This is tough, you know Bama will win the game but will Michigan manage to keep it close. Im gonna predict they do but i am not confident at all.

23 or less (low streak) Alabama has a great defense and likes to run the clock, under seems smart.

AOR (low streak) Texas is favored by 31.5 points. I just don't know much about Wyoming but i know in recent years they have been a tough opponent the first week of the season so hopefully they can manage to score and stay within the spread.

AOR (low streak) Playing it safe here for Upton to make an out other than a strike out

3 or more (low streak) Galaxy are at home and have been scoring a lot lately. If the Whitecaps can net 1 i think this prop goes over.

AOr (low streak) Once again, this is the first week and i don't have much to go off of. San Diego State has been good the past couple years so ill take them to keep it within 14.

64 or more (low streak) Oklahom is -30 in this game. They will put up a lot of points the question is will UTEP score? If they can manage to score at least 15-20 the over should take this but i could also see UTEP only scoring 6-10 points in which it would be tough for the over to hit.

August 31st: Yesterday didn't start out to well or me but it ended strong. Tough day overall ended with a 10-11 record. Here are my picks for today: Parlay Of The Day: 1860 Munchen, Chelsea, AOR(Tennessee vs NC State)

Bubba Watson (low streak) I normally don't go against the tie option in a 9 hole golf prop but i think Bubba is a better golfer than Dustin Johnson and is coming off a 10th place finish and 11th place. While Johnson is coming off a 48th place finish.

7 or 9 strokes (low streak) Just hoping one players birdies or bogeys

1860 Munchen (Medium Streak) Munchen has beaten MSV Duisburg 5 out of the last 6 times and are the better team. This is only a first half prop but Munchen should score one and maybe two.

Hacken (low streak) This is a tough prop because Hacken won their last match 3-0 on the road but Atvidaberg has drew with them 3 out of the last 5 matches. Im going Hacken here, im taking the risk that they can score a goal here because i don't see Atvidaberg scoring their attack isn't very strong right now.

Any Other Result (low streak) The Giants are facing Chris Volstad who has been AWFUL this year for the Cubs going 1-9 but is coming off a shutout against the Rockies. Sandoval has 2 hits his last 5 games with 2 walks and 3 strikeouts. Im taking AOR here because he isn't getting hits but does seems to be making solid contact. You never know Volstad could walk him or give up a bomb.

Chelsea (HIGH STREAK) So Chelsea is -150  to win this game and Madrid is +210. I think Chelsea is the better team and have been playing better than anyone. Chelsea has won the last 3 matches in the EPL by 2+ goals. Chelsea is the best EPL team and they can beat Athletico Madrid. Last h2h match Chelsea drew vs Athletico Madrid but the same year Chelsea beat Athletico Madrid 4-0, both in Champions League (2009) PICK OF THE DAY

7 or 9 strokes (low streak) Once again, taking the safe pick and hoping one players birdies or pars at least once.

Tigers (low streak) Wow, am i really picking the Tigers again?? Yes. They are -140 to win this game, it is so important of a series for the AL Central. I see the Tigers winning this and the bats coming alive after getting swept in Kansas City.

Cardinals (low streak) I am taking them to win with Wainwright on the mound who is 6-0 in his last 7 starts. The Cardinals are only .5 up in the wild card race so i think they have to win this. Ill take the Cards but wouldn't on any high streak

4 or fewer hits +BB (low streak) Dickey has given up 5 hits and 3 hits in last 2 starts. I think he throws a gem against the Marlins and wins this prop, he can only give up 1 hit/walk per inning and i think he does that.

Any Other Result (Medium Streak) Tennessee is -160 and 3 point favorites right now. They are the better team on paper but will there be an upset on Friday night? Last year upsets happened like crazy on Thursday/Friday nights. I'm taking AOR because i think NC State will definitely keep this close and have a good shot at actually winning this game.

Michigan State (Medium Streak) I have been waiting for this game for a while now. We all know Boise as the team who pulls off magic and went into Georgia last year to get a W. However, this is a completely different team. Michigan State is favored by 7 right now and are -260 favorites. I think they might even win this by double digits but it should be an entertaining game. I would take MSU here though.

23 or less (low streak) under 23.5 is slightly favored as of right now at -115. Michigan State usually runs the ball and runs the clock. Plus this is the first game of the season for each team, might be rusty. Ill take the safe pick and the under although they both could also light up the scoreboard.

0 homeruns (medium streak) This is Leake vs Abad. Neither give up too many homeruns so ill say 0 in the first 3 innings.

Brewers(low streak) Brewers are favored at -120 here Pirates are +110. Rogers just pitched against the Pirates and didn't give up any runs through 5 innings. He doesn't go to deep in ball games but should work quickly against the Pirates. Ill take the home team here but not confident at all.

Hit, Walk Strikeout (low streak) Headley will be facing Alex White who is 2-6 on the year with a high ERA. Headley has 5 hits in his last 4 games with 6 strikeouts and 1 walk. I don't really see him getting a K here but he could get a hit. AOR is always the safe play here but ill take the risk.

AOR (low streak) Stanford is 24 point favorites here. No doubt Stanford is the better team and will win this game but with a new QB transition for Stanford and a lot of returning starts for San Jose i think they can keep it within 25

Angels (low streak) They are currently -142 right now. The Mariners have been playing very well of late but i gotta take the Angels who are in the playoff race. I can definitely see the Mariners taking this though so be careful.

Diamondbacks (low streak) Going with the Dbacks here they are playing better.

Portland Timbers (Medium streak) Timbers are at home vs Colorado. Portland is in last place right behind Colorado. Colorado won 3-0 earlier in the season but that was at home. Colorado has LOST every game this year on the road except for 2 games while Portland actually plays decent at home. I actually like the Timbers to come away with a win at their home field.

August 30th: I went 10-8 yesterday but i should have done better. Remember feel free to come to the chat and talk about match ups/picks. Parlay of the Day : Rays, Tigers, Phillies

Ps Kemi (low streak) PS Kemi won 5-0 in their last match with Haupa. Also, Haupa has lost their ladt 4 matches. This is only a first half prop but i think Ps Kemi scores at least a goal.

Any Other Result (low streak) AOR is the safer pick here but dont risk on high streak PROP CANCELLED THIS IS A PUSH

Phillies (High Streak) Phillies have lost their last 2 games with the Mets, I am confident they win this game with Kendricks on the mound.

No Run (medium streak) I usually always take no run. This is Beavan vs Duensing i dont think either team will score a run but it could definitely happen.

Any other reuslt (low streak)

Wolves (Medium Streak) I like the wolves to advance here and they are favored

Any Other Score (low streak) Im simply taking this because a field goal is more likely to happen then a touchdown. I don't think starters will be playing much in this game so a field goal should come first but very unpredictable.

Jets (HIGH STREAK) I am a Jets follower and a fan. However, i am not being biased here i think the jets come out strong and determined to prove something to everyone as they haven't score a TD all preseason, don't be surprised if the Jets WIN this game. They will play stronger players.

Vanderbilt (Medium Streak) Not much information to give on this prop as it is the first game of the season. SC is favored by 6.5 points right now. Aaron Rodgers brother is the QB at Vandy making his first start. I am taking Vanderbilt to keep it within the spread just because they are at home and have upset potential

Ball State (HIGH STREAK) Ok, i have seen both teams play last year and i think Ball State will win, especially at home. They are 3 point favorites and are -155 to win the game, Great Odds here. PICK OF THE DAY

Nationals (HIGH STREAK) Nats are returning home after a miserable road series with the phillies and marlins. They should win here with Jackson on the mound.

Rays (HIGH STREAK) Rays are on the road vs struggling Blue Jays who just won at the Yankees. Matt Moore is better than Villanueva so take the Rays.

29 or less (low streak) Currently under 30 is favored -115 but this is a toss up. Who knows if either offense is going to come out passing or running, ill take the under just to be safe.

Flamengo (low streak) Ok so flamengo has beaten Sport Recife 3 out of their last 4 matches. I could see a 1-0 half time result here but who knows don't take with high streak.

No hit (medium streak) Voglesong is pitching for the Giants. Im going to take it safe here and take no, the Astros offense isn't very reliable anyways.

Tigers (HIGH STREAK) I cant see the Tigers getting beaten again in KC. Call me crazy but this is my LOCK OF THE DAY. There is no reason to why the Royals should be sweeping the Tigers.

20 or less (low streak) Both teams backups will be in and won't be very offensive minded. I like the under here.

49ers (low streak) They are at home and have looked better so far, not really much else to go off of for this prop. They are -150 and 3 point favorites as of now. Take them here

39 or less (low streak) I just think this will be a low scoring game especially if starters dont see much playing time, not confident at all tho in this pick.

BYU 13 or more (medium streak) once again first game of the season, i dont know if BYU will be coming out scoring or not. Im taking them based on the fact that they are the better team and are heavily favored.

UNLV (Medium streak) Minnesota is favored by 8.5 points. UNLV is at home here and honestly i think Minnesota wont be very good, look for UNLV to keep it close

Cardinals (Medium Streak) Cardinals are 2.5 favorites right now and i agree with the oddsmakers. The Cards will be playing starters to try and figure out positions while the Broncos have everything figured out. Take the Cards or stay away.

Hello everyone i will be now doing write ups for Streak It Up props. I have been playing SIU since it started and have won my league ($50) and have been close to winning the $500 a couple times. I have also won prizes on covers and had as high as a w14 on STFC. I will try to give a write up for each prop or whatever information i feel is necessary to make the smart pick and also a confidence level on each of my picks. Since this contests is mostly about parlays, I will try and give a parlay of the day based on 2 or 3 teams who i feel very confident in. This will be for those who have enough credits and want to build their streak faster. My account name on SIU and STFC is GreenMeNow.If you want to ask me questions i will be mostly on the chat at night because i work and have class during the day. I look forward to helping everyone build their streaks and hopefully win some money. Good luck to everyone!

AUGUST 29TH:  First day of write ups for me hopefully it goes well. I will keep my overall record also. Parlay Of The Day: Tigers, White Sox, Pirates

Rovaniemi (Confident) Rovaniemi is the home team here and have won their last 5 ykkonen's matches while KooTeePee has won 3 of their last 5. Rovaniemi has won 4 out of the last 5 matches with KooTeePee including a 3-0 win on july12th. I see Rovaniemi scoring at least a goal in the first half, the question is will KTP score. This is a first half prop so it is risky, but Rovaniemi is the better team and will win.

5 or more strikeouts(low streak) CC Sabathia averages 1 strikeout per inning and is facing a Blue Jays team who strikes out a lot.

Any Other Result (low streak) Prop was changed to S Victorino so im switching to AOR.

Diamondbacks (low streak) Tough to go against the red hot Reds here but i like the Dbacks to win.

Bahia (low streak) I like Bahia here to be tied at halftime. Their recent matches have been low scoring and the last two matches between these teams have ended up in a draw. Bahia should keep it close.

Any other result (low streak) Michael Bourn has 4 hits in his last 19 at bats with 3 walks and 3 strikeouts. Stults has been pitching pretty well of lately for the Padres i like aor here.

Any other result (low streak) The Bucaneers are 2-1 in the preseason and are coming off a win against the Patriots. The Redskins are 4 point favorites right now but ill take the Bucs to keep it close.

Patriots (Medium streak) Both teams are 1-2 this preseason, the Pats are 2 point favorites and have the better backups in my opinion. This is preseason so you dont know how long each team will keep in their starters or who will really show up. 

Pirates (Medium streak) Heres the thing: the Pirates NEED to win this game as they are 2 behind the Cards in the wild card race. The Pirates won last nights game 9-0, i think they find a way to win this game as it is crucial for them if they want to make the postseason.

White Sox (HIGH STREAK) I expect the White Sox offense to come alive this game. No way they get swept.

Rangers (low streak) They are -160 right now. They are at home and Matt Harrison has been pitching well.

No 0 runs (confident) I usually always take no in the first inning simply because its safer and both of these pitchers are coming off good outings.

Chivas USA or Draw (low streak) To W/D they are -125 currently. I dont think Chivas wins this game i am banking on a draw here but definitely a toss up.

Cubs (low streak) I like the Cubs here i don't think they will get swept at home.

No 0 homeruns (low streak) Toss up..both pitchers are not that good but no is a safer pick

Tigers (HIGH STREAK) The Tigers will not lose to the Royals twice in a row. Sanchez has been on fire his last 4 starts. LOCK OF THE DAY

Dolphins (Low streak) I actually like the Dolphins to win this game although they are 0-3 in preseason. They will be playing their starters more than Dallas and they need to get a win heading into the regular season. If it were regular season no doubt Dallas would win but i dont think so tonight. Definitely not confident because it is preseason.

Angels 2+ (Medium Streak) The Red Sox are starting Zach Stewart who gave up 6 runs to the Cubs in his last start while the Angels are starting CJ Wilson. This is tough because the Angels are 2-8 in Wilson's last 10 starts and gave up 6 runs to Boston just a week ago. However, i just dont trust Boston, i think LA comes out and scores alot of runs to get a W. 

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