Wednesday, August 22, 2012

SFTC 8/22/12
Dinamo Moscow Win/Draw @ VFB Stuttgart Win
Moscow enters this Europa League matchup 0-0-5 in the Russian Premier League, and are currently in last place. This is mostly due to their horrid goal differential, which is at -10. Meanshile, Stuttgart's season hasn't started yet, but they finished in 6th place last year, with a record of 15-8-11, and a goal differential of +17. At home, they had a record of 6-2-2 while averaging 1.8 goals per game while giving up 1 per game. Last season, Dinamo Moscow actually came in third in the Russian Premier League, but I view the German league as a much more competitive league with teams like Bayern Munich and such in it. The odds say Stuttgart to win is favored, as they are -222 while Dinamo or draw is at +163.

My Pick: VFB Stuttgart Win
Why: They played very well at home last year and I expect them to do so today. They should beat the Moscow team pretty easily by a score of 2-1 or 1-0.

Reading Win, Draw, Lose by 1 @ Chelsea 2+
Here we have an English Premier League matchup. Chelsea won their season opener against Wigan Athletic 2-0, while Reading drew their first matchup against Stoke City, 1-1. Last season, Chelsea finished 6th in the Premier League while maintaining a goal differential of +19. Meanwhile, Reading got promoted this year after finishing first in the English Football Championship League.

My Pick: Chelsea 2+
Why: Chelsea is a team that could very well finish in the top 3 of the league this year. I fell they will blow out a newly promoted team who hasn't experienced top caliber soccer in a while.

Cleveland Indians @ Seattle Mariners
Pitching Matchup
Zach McAllister: 5-4, 3.64 ERA. Post All Star: 2-3, 3.89 ERA. Away: 2-2, 4.40 ERA.
Hishashi Iwakuma: 4-3, 3.79 ERA. Post All Star: 3-2, 2.93 ERA. Home: 3-2, 2.53 ERA.

Mariners: -120
Indians: +110

My Pick: Seattle Mariners

Cincinnati Reds @ Philadelphia Phillies
Pitching Matchup:
Bronson Arroyo: 9-7, 3.96 ERA. Post All Star: 5-2, 4.57 ERA. Away: 6-5, 3.60 ERA.
Vance Worley: 6-8, 4.11 ERA. Post All Star: 2-3, 5.35 ERA. Home: 2-4, 5.20 ERA.

Reds: -101
Phillies: -109

My Pick: Cincinnati Reds

Atlanta Braves @ Washington Nationals
Pitching Matchup:
Kris Medlen: 4-1, 2.03 ERA. Post All Star: 3-0, 0.96 ERA. Away: 2-0, 1.95 ERA.
Ross Detwiler: 7-5, 3.25 ERA. Post All Star: 3-2, 2.91 ERA. Home: 6-1, 2.69 ERA.

Nationals: +101
Braves: -111

My Pick: Washington Nationals

Los Angeles Angels @ Boston Red Sox
Pitching Matchup
Jered Weaver: 15-3, 2.74 ERA. Post All Star: 5-2, 4.47 ERA (keep in mind this is only high because of his horrid last start.) Away Stats: 7-1, 3.11 ERA.
Clay Bucholz: 11-3, 4.19 ERA. Post All Star: 3-1, 2.03 ERA. Home Stats: 6-1, 4.10 ERA.

Angels: -120
Red Sox: +110

My Pick: Los Angeles Angels LOCK OF THE DAY

New York Yankees @ Chicago White Sox
Pitching Matchup
Phil Hughes: 12-10, 4.23 ERA. Post All Star: 3-3, 3.98 ERA. Away: 3-7, 5.31 ERA.
Chris Sale: 14-4, 2.72 ERA. Post All Star: 4-2, 4.01 ERA. Home: 7-2, 1.80 ERA.

Yankees: +109
White Sox: -119

My Pick: New York Yankees
Why: I think their bats will come alive this game and Hughes will have a good start.

San Francisco Giants @ Los Angeles Dodgers
Pitching Matchup:
Matt Cain: 12-5, 2.90 ERA. Vs Dodgers This Year: 5 IP, 3 ER. Post All Star: 3-2, 3.61 ERA. Away: 6-2, 3.63.
Chris Capuano: 11-8, 3.14 ERA. Post All Star: 2-4, 3.69 ERA. Home: 5-4, 2.17 ERA.

Giants: -106
Dodgers: -104

My Pick: San Francisco Giants

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