Saturday, August 18, 2012

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SFTC 8/19/12
Chelsea Wins by 2+ @ Wigan Win, Draw, Lose By 1
Here we have an EPL matchup to start the day. Last year, Chelsea finished 6th in the league, and did not play up to their full potential, probably because they were in the Champions League towards the end of the season. They finished with 64 points and a goal differential of 19. Meanwhile, Wigan finished 15th in the league with 43 points and a goal differential of -20.

My Pick: Wigan Win, Draw, Lose By 1
Why: I think Chelsea will experience a huge dropoff with no Drogba anymore. I like Wigan to keep the game close at home. However, I expect a 1-0 or 2-1 Chelsea victory.

Manchester City 3+ @ Southampton Win, Draw, Lose by 2 or 1
Last year, Manchester City finished in 1st place in the league with 89 points and a goal differential of 64. Meanwhile, Southampton finished in second place in the 2nd tier league in England with 88 points and a goal differential of 39.

My Pick: Southampton Win, Draw, Lose by 2 or 1
Why: I think Man City will be able to beat Southampton pretty easily, and finish at a score of 2-0 or 3-1. I think Southampton being at home will help to make sure Man City doesn't score 3 more goals than them

Roger Federer vs Novak Djokovic
Here we have a matchup of the #1 and #2 tennis players in the world. Federer leads the series 15-12. The match will be played on hard court, and Djokovic has won the last 5 hard court matches played between these two. Federer won the last matchup in Wimbledon, but Djokovic won both matchups on clay including a matchup in the French Open.we

My Pick: Novak Djokovic

Los Angeles Dodgers @ Atlanta Braves
Pitching Matchup
Chad Billingsley: 9-6, 3.62 ERA. Post All Star: 5-0, 1.56 ERA.
Mike Minor: 6-9, 4.93 ERA. Post All Star: 1-3, 2.39 ERA.

Atlanta: -125
Los Angeles: +115

My Pick: Los Angeles Dodgers

Philadelphia Phillies @ Milwaukee Brewers
Pitching Matchup:
Kyle Kendrick: 5-9, 4.53 ERA. Post All Star: 3-1, 3.22 ERA.
Randy Wolf: 2-9, 5.65 ERA. Post All Star: 1-3, 5.25 ERA.

Milwaukee: -115
Philadelphia: +105

My Pick: Philadelphia Phillies

Chicago White Sox @ Kansas City Royals
Pitching Matchup:
Jose Quintana: 5-2, 2.77 ERA. Post All Star: 1-1, 3.83 ERA.
Jeremy Guthrie: 2-3, 4.02 ERA. Post All Star: 2-4, 5.12 ERA.

White Sox: -115
Royals: +105

My Pick: Chicago White Sox

Sorry, but i don't have any internet connection to make the rest of my picks past right now. The picks for the rest of the day follow:
Juventus win or draw
Los Angeles Angels
Oakland Athletics
San Francisco Giants
Li Na
Atletico Madrid
New York Yankees
Pittsburgh Steelers

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